Rumor: Galaxy Note III to use the same build as the S4 (S3) again

After a awesome day from Google’s IO 2013, here is some bad news for all Galaxy Note fans. According to the insider of SamMobile, not only Samsung dropped the Flexible Displays for the Galaxy Note III but now has also dropped the renewed metal design. Yes Samsung did it again milking, milking and milking the Galaxy S3 (2012) design line! From what he heard internally is that the Galaxy Note III has same design as the Galaxy S4. This is because of the high expected amount. Samsung can not make the metal body right on time!

Our question… So Samsung why don’t you delay the Galaxy Note III like Apple delayed the iPhone? Oh yes to make more money, sorry… (Like you did with the S4 with the what-looks-like-brushed-aluminium-but-is-actually-plastic “band” around the outside of the device.)

Okay, maybe we have posted too much bad news about the Galaxy Note III, so now it’s time for some good news. The bezel of the screen isn’t that thick like previous Note devices, it’s more like the S4. The Galaxy Note III is rumoured to have an Octa-Core processor: Quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A15 & Quad-Core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A7. 13 megapixel back camera, 2 megapixel front camera, latest version of Android, Samsung’s own TouchWiz and of course a 5.99” Full HD AMOLED display! Still unhappy? We do understand that when you see HTC One or the new Lumia 925. The perfect combination HTC One build / hardware from Samsung and Android OS.

Let’s hope our insider isn’t right this time, but sadly most of the time he is.

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  1. Sure it will. The Galaxy S4 has set the design standard for this year from Samsung so the Note III will likely have the same design language.
    We can expect a new design standard in May next year I think.

    • the only thing i like to see is remove the home button and replace it with the Samsung logo^^

      • or….replace it with a capacitive button instead!

        • Or… replace it with more real (physical) buttons! (sorry, I’m a fan. Only reason I just bought and an S4 is they’re the only flagship that still bothers to retain at least one button, but more would be nicer)

    • BAD NEWS THIS IS NOT. The Galaxy Note 3 might not come with the expected flexible display as expected but that’s definitely okay in my mind. The Galaxy Note 3 will have a CURVED unbreakable 6 inch 1080p display with better diamond pixels that are in the S4. It will also have the 8 core Exynos 5 Octa clocked at 2.3ghz as well as the 8 core Gpu Mali T450 which in my mind is perfectly fine. It will have aNDROID 4.3 Jellybean, and a 4200mAh battery, 13/16 meg camera, and 2.0/3.0 front facing camera, 32gb internal storage, new milti window and Spen related applications. In my mind this will be the BEST DEVICE on the market from release date until July 2014 easily. If desire to make a fashion statement or are into cosmetics then go purchase a crappy iphone. Otherwise Nothing beats the current Galaxy Note 2 today or will beat the upcoming Galaxy Note 3.

  2. Apple can produce metal Unibody, HTC can produce metal Unibody….Samsung can’t? I don’t buy it.
    I still think Samsung prefers plastic than metal.

    • Uh, heard of the Galaxy Tab 7.7? It’s all metal for the most part.

    • Unibody in HTC One? Check iFixit teardown – it’s NOT unibody at all. Plastic frame with metal covers.

      • where did you see that M8, it the first thing in the teardown tech-specs that it’s All-aluminum unibody construction

    • Don’t get me wrong. I prefer plastic too. Lighter and feels nicer to hold.
      I hate the coldness feel of aluminum.

      My next phone will be Note 3 for sure no matter what.

  3. I hate rumours but I have to say this:

    uh……….Why Samsung?

    Too much power hungry cash cow??

    What happened with the option no.2 [all-out metal design]?

    So sticking with option one is their last resort. Using GS4′s design polycarbonate [PLASTIC] chassis design yet again for their best phablet. Repetition is at hand, and please don’t become like APPLE!

    • what the hell i knew it^^ as i say Note 3 comes with the spoon & plate design, accept the fact,,

      • Seems that they lied again to it’s loyal customers…

        • What matter most is their loyal customers will line up to purchase the Note 3 on day one. You will be buying the iphone which in today’s world of technology is so far behind the curve it’s pretty comical.

    • Great comment. Ditto

    • They’re avoiding becoming Apple by continuing on their current course and not listening to people who are more concerned about fashion than functionality.

  4. “HTC One build”? You mean no removable battery, no memory expansion and one point in repairability score on ifixit? No, thanks.

  5. love the plastic design…have dropped my s3 from about 7 feet nothing happened…my friend dropped iphone 4s from about 3.5 feet and now a big dent at the bottom
    love samsung….keep it up (drops were accedential)

  6. And this is BAD news?
    Well I didn’t believe Samsung would use metal. It would be stupid to do this. Why?
    Look at HTC One. This describes best why metal is not a really good choice for mobile devices. Plus: If you think about how much the Note 2 already weights and you put an aluminium body on top you will get a smartphone with no less than 200g weight, rather more. For me this would be a nogo.

    And what is so innovative about aluminium? I mean it’s possible to build cars with cornered wheels but does it make sense?
    So why is it innovative to make a smartphone heavier than it has to be and the mobile reception poorer? Just because it “feels better”? Is there any property that makes aluminium better than polycarbonate? No there isn’t but the other way round there are several.

    So I hope Samsung will stay a long time with “cheap plastic”. Cause I don’t care what other people think about my phone, but I do care about battery time, weight and so on… and all this things get worse with the use of aluminium.

  7. A, Do we really want a 5.5″ metal frame? There’s this thing called gravity. Why do you think more and more supercars go the polycarbonate route? WEIGHT. Hell, you’d need a suitcase to carry it if it went Metal…

    B, Learn a lesson from the Asus TF201. It had SERIOUS WiFi and GPS issues because of… An all-metal frame! Imagine what that’ll do to your 3G/LTE….

    C, HTC One Build? HELL NO. No MicroSD, No removable Battery… How about the HTC HD2 build instead? At least that has 21st century options! No microSD, bloody hell what is this, Apple?

    D, People who upgrade from the Note 2 to the Note 3 will be able to keep using their pouches/cases/whatever you use. I clearly recall that being the major complaint regarding iPhones…

    E, If you hate the plastic so much, BUY ANOTHER BACKCOVER. Seriously, at least Samsung gives you that option, as opposed to the ‘preferable HTC One build’…

  8. im glad about the s4 design.
    if you think plastic is too fragile. buy a case like casemate rough hybrid. i have that case on my note 1 and its really protective.

  9. Hello everyone!

    This is my 1st post here. I want to ask a topic-related question that might seem stupid, but still – don’t flame please.

    Well… Some pretext. My last nice phone was the Sony Erricson w800.
    (Google it and feel the retro! :)
    Then I got cheaper stuff, because I rarely use a phone.

    When this whole smartphone thing unleashed I observed, but still didn’t see the necessity. After some time I decided to buy stuff anyways. A Lumia 900. While until today I think it is the best-looking smartphone there is – the whole experience was a letdown.
    (Btw, it leaves me puzzled why they moved away from this brilliant design – I hope they go bankrupt!)

    I gave the phone to my girlfriend, because all she does with it is make calls and photos (which is a lucky coincidence, because the camera is neat.)

    I liked the Note 1 a lot, when I’ve seen it for the first time.
    Same with the iPhone 5.
    One day I took some time to check out both (Note 2 at that time, obviously).

    I came up with the conclusion that the iPhone is too small and Touch Wiz butt-ugly. So… Still couldn’t decide.

    That changed when I’ve seen the PS1 emulator video of the Note 2 on youtube. Also the SD-slot is great, because I got a bunch of them filled with music and movies / shows lying around.
    And finally… The command-center feel of this phone… It’s amazing.
    So… I’m going to get one.


    This article says, the Note 3 will be inspired by the S4.

    -> Does it mean it will have like oval edges on the top and bottom?
    (Like a skateboard.)
    Or will it be the rectangle-ish shape of the Note 2?
    (Like a book…)

    It’s been the hardest fight so far not to go online and just order one, but since the next one is 3 months away… I might as well wait.

    Except if it’d look like the S4. That’d annoy me.

    Please help me with a clarification!

    Thanks. :)

    • Nobody can help you now, you will have to wait for official release to be 100% sure how it would look like, we have to wait

      And when it comes to touchwiz, samsung and google released sgs4 yesterday with native android (without touchwiz) and they MIGHT do that for note3 too, nobody knows, so to sum it up, only time will show

    • Still a rumour dude. Did you not read the title of this article???

  10. I am pretty sure i will skip sgn3 and maybe, MAYBE, i will go for sgn4, nothing will be better in sgn3, at least nothing you will be able to notice, reallife performance will be same and if somebody tells me that 1080p and stronger quadcore will be super duper excellent all i can give you is my middle finger, those are just numbers, only for people who are hungry for the best parameters

    • Don’t bother waiting for the Note [4]. Just wait for the Galaxy S[5] instead. :)

  11. Still Sucks if you launch the fucking storage (16gb)

    • 16GB only on paper, with fu*king bloatware+software only half of that will be available

    • Yep. Typical Galaxy Bloat-ware right?

  12. much more i like this freaking rumored than the soap-bar design^^ glad Giant is a wake

  13. I understand the 6″ (get lost with 5,99 :P) screen also has a diamnond matrix, while the Note2 has RGB. With the extra inch, there should be enough space to make a RGB fullHD screen.
    S4 has diamond pentile and S3 regular pentile. I own the S4 now and the screen is very nice (auto setting is a bit dim for my taste).

    • Rumoured Galaxy Note 3 may have the diamond pixel arrangement like the GS4. Don’t know how’s it going to work on a 5.99″ phablet!!

  14. if samsung galaxy note 3 has not metal body, i will leave this brand for htc, the plastic is enough.

    • Good for you. Go buy a HTC One or Sony Xperia Z. Go for it!

  15. 1 of the devices i think i would buy , after my cayanogenmode on Galaxy SIII , nice 1 samsung i will buy this baby with a pure tast of android !!

  16. Who cares. Most people will use the book-case to protect their phones anyways.

    The only issue is, the S4 / S3 design is TOO CURVY. Looks mad ugly yo.

    • Bookcase? You meant plastic covers right? :lol:

      Nothing wrong with the rounded corners though, except the plastic build…

  17. Samesung just never fails to disappoint does it…Yes I noticed the Same in the name, not bothered enough to fix it.

    • same thing goes for Apple….

      • Well that’s already a given. I expect better from Samsung.

        • yet they’re still ‘innovating’ the smartphone era with ‘gimmicky features’.

  18. I have never had an issue with the polycarbonate materials, the whining over metal devices is stupid. Look at the lovely apple phones if you don’t put them in a case they look like shit within a month, don’t put them in a case and they are toast once they hit the ground. Don’t buy AppleCare+ you are SOL and pay $250+ to get it repaired.

    I want Samsung to focus on releasing a HIGH END GN3. 32/64GB memory options, yes 64GB in the USA 3GB of RAM to offset the hog that their TW Nature UI/UX has become and above all else trim down the bloatware on the thing.

    Now I have the LG Optimus G Pro since I needed/wanted a phablet and the GN2 has too little storage to be usable. Its a great device and IF Samsung can deliver I will seriously consider getting the GN3 at full boat and be happy.

    • Plastic is not beautiful and it’s more durable than metal! Though metal-chassis fans hates the Galaxy S plasticky chasiss build. :lol:

  19. ONE DAY WILL COME WHEN SIZE OF NOTE WILL EQUAL TO 11″ NETBOOK. Every new version increasing one inch.

    • Edge to Edge should be nice to see.

  20. At least replace the faux metal with real metal..

    • Yes. The frame should be metal and the back cover should be plastic, just like the Nokia 925 did!

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