Samsung Galaxy S4: User Interface Walkthrough

Today, we of SamMobile got our hands on a Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) and, surprisingly, it was running the latest test firmware on it. The firmware had some changes over the one shown at the launch event, so, we decided to give you folks a complete User-Interface Walkthrough of the Galaxy S4. During this UI Walkthrough we will be covering these aspects of the Galaxy S4:
- Home/Menu
- Gallery
- Camera
- Settings
- Easy mode
- Benchmarks

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung has introduced their new TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0 and with the new Nature UX 2.0 they have added a lot of new widgets as well. The TouchWiz launcher functionality is exactly the same as its predecessor but we think this was a very intelligent move by Samsung, as the users who upgrade from their previous Samsung Galaxy smartphone will already be familiar with the User Interface and will find it relatively easy to use. The TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0 is more of an evolution than a revolution but that does not mean you are getting entirely the same thing as you got last year with the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. Samsung has changed many aspects of its Nature UX to provide an overall new fresh look.

We were a little disappointed by the Gallery’s interface as it lacked functionality compared to the Gallery on the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. There are no options to change preview styles, to Tizen Gallery style etc, like we can on the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II and we really miss this feature. This feature may get implement before the device actually starts shipping. However, we really liked the “Content to display” feature in which we could add or remove the content from displaying in the Gallery, for example: from Facebook, Dropbox etc.

The Camera interface has received a complete overhaul, compared to the predecessors, as Samsung has brought the camera app from the Galaxy Camera to the Galaxy S4 and have added tons and tons of features to it, for example: Dual Camera, Sound & Shot, Drama Shot and Story Album. Each and every feature is very easy to access thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface. Overall, the Galaxy S4 has one of the best Camera Interfaces we have seen on a mobile device.

As soon as you open the settings, on the Galaxy S4, you will feel that you are using a completely different operating system instead of Android. This is because Samsung has moved away from Android’s design elements and decided to make a tabbed interface, dividing the device’s settings under 4 different tabs. Whenever you activate any of the smart features a little demo is also displayed which teaches you how to use that particular feature.

Easy mode
Easy mode is a mode of TouchWiz which makes the whole user interface much much and easier to use. The easy mode removes all the bells and whistles and brings a simple and classic interface. This mode is mainly for those people who think touch interfaces are difficult to use and learn or who just want to use basic functionality. Even the settings menu gets replaced with Easy Settings. Easy mode first made an appearance on the Galaxy S III with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update but it didn’t worked as good as it does on the Galaxy S4.

So, as we had the Octa-Core (GT-I9500) variant of the Galaxy S4, we decided to do some benchmarks. We are just BLOWN away from the results we got. The Galaxy S4 crushed every other device, even the HTC One and the Sony XPERIA Z. We used Antutu and Quadrant as our benchmark tools. The device received a score of 27417 on Antutu and 12726 on Quadrant.

Our full review of the Galaxy S4 will come at the end of April, so stay tuned for that!

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  1. I want SGS4 even more now!

  2. this is the only thing i love Samsung the User Interface is freaking awesome..

  3. Why wont Samsung just scrap the separate clear button that sits there which makes it really dirty. Instead they can just use how Google had it on their default android. Samsung even the small small things matter!!!!

  4. From the pics of the benchmark it states that the cpu is clocked at 1.8, i thought it was 1.6 Ghz !

    • Yea would like to know that too. Guys from Russian saying its 1.6, and from antutu there is info 200mhz – 1800mhz so not quite sure what is it now? And his antutu score is 26400

    • Woah!! Looks like it’s 1.8ghz Quadcore Arm A15 chip :)

      • Yesterday SamMobile confirmed that is 1.8 GHz and not 1.6 GHz :) Yay !

  5. I hope in the final review that you will discuss call quality of s4 .. because phonearena is criticizing the call quality


  6. no fm radio? :(

  7. Review at the end of the April?

  8. Ohhhh Benchmark results are really mind BLOWING
    I must buy this phone

    • are you sure? its a soap bar design

      • You buy phones by judging it with which soap or product it resembles
        Or you buy phones coz of the specifications?
        There are plenty of stuff to see in it apart from just starring at its body. And judging the phone


  9. Can you also do a GLbenchmark test?

  10. @Sammobile, please do a “clean” GLbenchmark test.

    We know a lot about other results, but this is the one we need most.

    By clean, I mean reboot the phone once. Then allow it to settle for a min. Don;t run any other application in background.

    Then perform the test 2/3 times to be sure of consistent result.

  11. Amazing device

  12. Does Album app support Picasa albums which are shared by someone directly to you? What about Flickr support in Album app?

  13. I hate gallery app that comes from galaxy note 2.
    It have small thumbnails and its ridiculous compression distorts images.
    There was better gallery for S series in GS3 with 4.1.1 firmware. Bring it back!!! Aahhhh!!!

  14. What about Samsung Knoxx? I didnt saw that in any picture

  15. Would be interest if we can see both versions GT-I9500 with Exynos and GT-I9505 with Snapdragon in benchmarks, to we decide which one is better and faster to buy

    • You don’t need benchmarks for that; the i9500 with the Exynos 5410 is easily the better phone with its faster SoC and better DAC:

  16. I have a question.
    In some Galaxy S4 the background of the settings and of the Messeges is white, and sometimes is black. I can change it in the Settings? Thanks.

  17. No other mobile device can top this GALAXY!! :)

  18. Is the lock screen Home17 executed using dashclock? It looks really amazing.

  19. SAMSUNG INDIA has started advertising the galaxy s4…………..

  20. @ gasterkost

    in benchmark bar you can see your device and down under the samsung galaxy s4.
    i m thinking thats the i9505

    ´cause in my bychart i saw the i9500 up and a little bit under the i9505.

    the in my opinion is
    Samsung Galaxy sIV I9500 the better device. on XDA is a man who got the s4 and send pics with benches. don´t know if it´s the same

  21. I want NoteII when update version must be like this,i hope sammobile help me,i really love samsung,and now i use NoteII and i also want it all programe lake S4,can u help me,can you post camera.apk ,and give me your update,thank.

  22. I want NoteII when update version must be like this,i hope sammobile help me,i really love samsung,and now i use NoteII and i also want it all programe like S4,can u help me,can you post camera.apk ,and give me your update,thank.

  23. So…is the menu background black again ? I liked it white :(

    • Why prefer white? White absolutely kills the battery life on an AMOLED screen. Besides, black looks so much more modern.

  24. Is contact in dailar and widget Tab still Lag in SIV too???

  25. How come the Settings interface here is black, as opposed to the rest of the hands-on videos and photos I’ve seen (which shows that the Settings is now in white UI)?

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