Samsung Galaxy S IV: Screenshots leak, confirm Smart Scroll and Smart Pause (UPDATE)

We of SamMobile have just received some screenshots of the Galaxy S IV. These screenshots mainly confirm that Samsung’s next generation Galaxy S will indeed have the much hyped Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features. The screenshots also confirm that the Galaxy S IV will feature a Full HD 1080p panel. It also looks like that Samsung is keeping some UI elements from the Galaxy S III but we are looking forward to see Samsung’s upcoming Nature UX 2.0.

We will soon know all about the device as Samsung is going to officially announce the Galaxy S IV on 14th of March in New York, USA.

UPDATE: We have just found out that these images are actually from the Android 4.2.1 leaked firmware for Galaxy S III and we were given the wrong information by the tipper. Though, The Galaxy S IV will indeed have these features as confirmed by our insider.

Screenshot_2013-03-06-02-2 Screenshot_2013-03-06-02-3 Screenshot_2013-03-06-02-4 Screenshot_2013-03-06-02-1


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  1. Hope all this features comes up wid android 4.2.1 :)

    • I think they will, dont see Samsung releasing a most definitely should be 4.2.1…I’m sure the galaxy S3 will receive this feature with 4.2.1 when it is released…:D

  2. I can’t wait till the Galaxy S4. It will tell me so much about the upcoming Galaxy Note 3.

  3. Hope vil able to see the real pics of s4 b4 14th march…

  4. and people still buy iphone unbelievable

  5. So, how can the phone on the screen have a network connection (except Wi-Fi) without a sim-card inserted?

    • @ChrisJ: What do you mean ? That’s wifi in screenshots

      • Well, right next to the Wi-Fi symbol is the network connection signal strength.
        As the symbol to the left on the status bar implies, there’s no sim-card inserted so there shouldn’t be any network connection except for Wi-Fi.

        • Looks to me like the SIM is inserted (but no code provided/locked) and thus WiFi is used :)

          • hey guys the singnal shwan is 4 emergency call

          • Yup…that’s the only explanation. No PIN number inserted and/or emergency signal bar. I don’t think that they would fake those pages, because has been confirmed time ago.

  6. the leaked firmware does only have “smart stay” and “smart rotation”, but no smart scroll nor smart pause. so these screen shots do belong to an s3 with XXUFMB3.

    • You may have right, seeing the screenshots from the US variant of the S4. The top bar is transparent in the new S4, not gray/black like S3

    • Oh wait…there is smart scroll in the above images, the last one.

  7. I’ve flashed the leaked firmware and I’m running it right now and it has only smart stay and smart rotation. no smart scroll, no smart pause.

  8. on XXUFMB3, pull down the notification bar with 2 fingers and long press on Smart Stay. VOILA!!!

    But sadly, none of them work.

  9. I Couldn’t Talk ! :D

  10. I stared and try to test that 2 new features. Nearly got sore eye but not work… :D

  11. hopefully we do not look like stupid if we use smart scroll^^

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