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Note III to have a whopping 6.3 inch screen?

According to a korean newspaper Samsung are having plans to introduce the Galaxy Note III with a screen size of 6.3″ !!! The first Galaxy Note device by Samsung used a 5.3″. This year Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note II with an screen size of 5.5″. The Note line and S line of samsung are quite hot at the moment.

6.3″ looks to big for us, but with an even smaller bezel and without any home button this can be possible. We expect the Galaxy Note III at IFA 2013 in Berlin.


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22 comments on “Note III to have a whopping 6.3 inch screen?

  1. chrisrotolo 2 years ago said:

    I was waiting for them to tap the 6″ range.
    I still want my damn Note 7 LTE, I hope its coming, not sure why it isnt here yet.
    IF this were to arrive first, I would likely get it.

    I do like the smaller bezel. I have a feeling if they do make the Note 7 it will have the regular sbezel like Note 10.1 or my current device Tab Plus 7.0.

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  2. praveent 2 years ago said:

    Fitting 6.3 in the same size as 5.3 that will be wonderful. Go Samsung go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. PepN 2 years ago said:

    Note III to be a tablet then??

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  4. china 2 years ago said:

    No, this is a fake rumor.

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  5. vavrorvav 2 years ago said:

    I hope they will push it to the limit and make it 55 inch FOLDABLE!!!!!

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  6. vavrorvav 2 years ago said:

    Shit if i hadnt bought note 2 i woukd definitely jump for this

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  7. Yucko 2 years ago said:

    Wow, I skipped the Note 2 since the Note 1 was still running smooth/fast enough. I was going to upgrade when the Note 3 would come out but if this rumor is true than I have to go shop elsewhere for my next phone because 6.3″ really is too big.

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  8. sa71 2 years ago said:

    The screen should remain the same size as Note II, 5.5″, the S Pen should go out of the bezel in users pocket in order to make the device smaller. My wife keeps her Note II in her purse, and that is OK for her. I would not put Note II in my pocket, too large and too heavy.

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  9. vavrorvav 2 years ago said:

    it is going to have 2 s-pens

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  10. naruga 2 years ago said:

    shit got real ,5.5 still okay but 6.3? maybe galaxy s4

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  11. nanustud 2 years ago said:

    @sa71 you call Note II heavy??????? i can understand big but heavy come on give us all a break please weight may be you should ask your wife…..

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  12. zabre 2 years ago said:

    kess emmon wla ayre

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  13. Iolea 2 years ago said:

    6.3 is stupid.

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  14. gasterakos 2 years ago said:

    I think if it goes to 6.3 will be a very big.It can’t called a smart phone then.My opinion is that 5.5” as Galaxy Note II is the right dimension for easy and nice experience.You can make the difference by change other feautures for Note III as the technology of screen for example HD Super Amoled Plus, New Samsung’s cpu and new cpu technology with a bit higher clock, 2gb ram, try a still beautiful design as Note II and plus new features,or battery.Those things it’s enough i think for someone to buy the Note III.But the 6.3 screen maybe make the already galaxy note users don’t buy the next brother of 3 Notes.Good luck with this guys.I am already proud and happy with my previous Galaxy S II and now with my Galaxy Note II.Keep update those devices as much as you can

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  15. Neomax3 2 years ago said:

    6.3″ is just too big.. 5.5″ to 5.8″ is still ok..

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  16. anupam_luv 2 years ago said:

    Those who r thinkin tht 6.3 gonna be big… read the post carefully, it says they will remove home button and tiny bezel…. Think of it as if ur Note II screen covers up ur whole bezel, removing bottom home and all the front panel is screen itself…. just a small top horizontal space for front cam, led and speaker… it is very much possible

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  17. ravearamashi 2 years ago said:

    I’m betting they’ll put at least the new Exynos Quad 2Ghz with prolly 5.8- 6 inch 1080p screen, with 3gb of RAM. Now that’s more realistic than 6.3inch. That’s just too freaking big. Even for a big guy like me and having owned Note 2 for 2 months already, Note 3 with that screen size is impossibruuuu

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  18. vishsd1411 2 years ago said:

    How funny is this… people complaining about sizes… lol :-)

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  19. Topcat488 2 years ago said:

    I think people that’s whining about a 6.3″ screen being too big should cheer up… Look at the ipad mini, it’s bragged about, how it is comfortable to hold with one hand!!! Give Sammy a chance to get it out on the market, remember Samsung makes 15-20 smartphones in the sizes from 3″-> 4.5″. There is a market for LARGE screen 1080p phablets also. I trust Samsung to do it right, 6.3″ display, please 16:10 ratio and not 16:9, and then here, “TAKE MY MONEY”.

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  20. chucktuff 2 years ago said:

    That’s Crazy Big 6.3″ No Thank’s I will Stick With My Galaxy Note 2!!!!

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