Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy SIII (Part 1)

Now, you can make your Galaxy SIII even smarter with this Premium Suite upgrade which is designed just for the Galaxy SIII! (Part 1) Following the Jellybean upgrade, more special and innovative functions await you and make sure you come back to check out Part 2. (Android 4.1.2)

- Page Buddy
- Contexual Menu
- Contexual Tag
- Multi Window
- Auto Share Shot Paring using NFC
- Reader Mode
- Facebook Lock Ticker

Screenshots and information about the Jelly Bean Update see here.

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  1. Wow awesome,

    Now, I would say that Sammy would struggle to satisfy their consumers.

    Wish these functions to be applied for other devices too

  2. That is really the premium suite of upgrade.

  3. OMG, like it. Now thats worth the wait.. I wont complain anymore.

  4. can u guys leak another jelly bean firmware for s2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…!!!

  5. porque soy tan impaciente, hubiese esperado y me compraba el razr i

  6. please upgrade quickly, because 21 of December is the end of te world hahhaa

  7. sammobile team

    S2 is the most commonly used in Turkey for android phone sammobile wonder if the future of the team when JB 4.1.2 update? Turkey is anxious users avoid the update. Emergency response and look forward to the update.

  8. this thread is featuring galaxy s3 and so… stop asking about updates on s2… s2 is an old story mate… live with that truth…. :P @salokan

  9. Old story? S3 just have 2 cpu cores more, faster camera and bigger display. S2 is still one of the best phones ever made and it’s very fast. It’s still better than s3 mini :P

  10. qwertyedu: bullsh*t. S2 4.1.x from Sammy own test labs is leaked, so update IS coming. Oh and BTW… it will have most of the functions that S3 firmware has :>

  11. havent received the update in india yet,,,

  12. …and Part II when!!!????

  13. i upgrade and it’s awesome,perfect,the best S3 man!

  14. Samsung with its TouchWiz smashing the competitors!
    This is why I love Sammy and my Galaxy S3 and my Galaxy Note 10.1

    With TouchWiz you get a ton of added value on your device, kudos to Sammy

  15. i haven’t made any modification to my galaxy s3 and when i check for updates my cellphone gives me : “your device has been modified. software updates are not available. does that mean that i would no more receive updates i have jb 4.1.1 ?

  16. looooooooool we will get this update after 92737736292929387 days go ahead sam looool

  17. Downloaded from this site and it is up and running on my Galaxy S3..

    Good :
    All new features and a lot of features added as mentioned above.
    Multi window feature is very useful if someone needs it.

    Bad :
    Project Butter.. it was all about smooth animation, transitions etc., but after
    this update, saw lagging in animation while it was better butter in 4.1.1.

  18. will this be available in 4.1.2 ?

  19. @zabre Go to download the stock firmware for you’re model flash with odin and that modification thing will go. It happens whenever I root my s3. But sometimes I fail flash a custom and then easily fixable by flashing the stock, but when I do the software upgrades are suddenly available.

  20. Anyone knew why S3 4.1.2 deployment only to Poland?

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