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The Galaxy S22 FE getting canceled could be a blessing in disguise


Last updated: June 17th, 2022 at 23:16 UTC+02:00

You may have heard the news that the Galaxy S22 FE may get canceled, but if true, will this be a tragedy for the company and its fans? Or a blessing in disguise? We can never be too sure, but here’s our current stance on the matter.

The more we think about the role FE smartphones (and tablets) play in Samsung’s portfolio, the more we realize that recent Galaxy FE devices didn’t make a whole lot of sense from a brand recognition perspective or pricing.

In other words, we can think of a couple of good reasons why Samsung and its customers could be better off if the FE line got canceled, but we can’t find as many saving graces in favor of keeping the series around.

Galaxy FE smartphones don’t really fit anywhere within Samsung’s launch schedule

Galaxy FE devices don’t seem to have a fixed launch date. The Galaxy S20 FE was released in autumn 2020, while the sequel, i.e., the Galaxy S21 FE, was announced in January 2022, mere weeks before the full-fledged Galaxy S22 flagship lineup went on sale.

Needless to say, with the S22 right around the corner, the Galaxy S21 FE failed to make much of a dent in the smartphone segment throughout its first few weeks on the market.

Because recent FE devices felt more like an afterthought, there’s barely any sense of history left to the series, despite the moniker. And with no fixed launch schedule to look forward to, it’s becoming difficult to be a true fan of Samsung’s Fan Edition devices. There’s not enough anticipation building up for a device that should, in theory, address the needs of Samsung fans worldwide.

If anything, the Galaxy S21 FE has become the middle ground between the Galaxy A series and the base Galaxy S22 model. But it no longer punches above its weight class or does so on too few occasions. And in recent times, the series appears to have left the ambitions of a “flagship killer” behind, thus losing one of its best characteristics that used to set it apart from other mid-range phones.

Galaxy FE price benefits are no longer obvious

The sad reality is that Samsung’s Fan Edition phones are slowly becoming less attractive from a value-for-money perspective.

In part, this is because Samsung’s Galaxy S line of flagships already includes a relatively cheap base model, which usually ends up being a better buy than the FE, for several reasons. Compared to FE devices, flagships — even entry-level ones — offer better hardware specs, improved firmware support, and an overall superior user experience.

For reference, the Galaxy S21 FE went on sale for $699, whereas the base Galaxy S22 model was released a few weeks later for $799. The base S22 model beats the FE device in virtually every aspect, save perhaps for battery life.

Meanwhile, numerous mid-range/budget-conscious smartphone users gravitate more towards devices like the Galaxy A5x series. Most of these A-branded phones do punch above their price range and now boast features like water resistance and improved built quality. They’re chipping away at the Galaxy FE line’s purported value, and things don’t seem to be getting any better for Fan Edition devices.

But what do you think? Should Samsung keep releasing new Galaxy FE devices? Or, more accurately, do FE devices still make sense in their current state? What should Samsung change? Leave a comment below.

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