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Fingerprint detection on Samsung’s flagship phones is, dare I say, finally perfect


Last updated: March 21st, 2022 at 19:28 UTC+01:00

Samsung is one of few, or perhaps the only, manufacturer that currently uses an ultrasonic-type in-screen fingerprint sensor on its flagships. Pretty much everyone else uses optical fingerprint sensors and has been doing so ever since in-display fingerprint readers became commonplace in the industry.

Samsung started using in-display fingerprint sensors on its flagships with the Galaxy S10, and year after year, its implementation of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor simply wasn’t as good as those of the optical sensors used by the competition.

Depending on who you’d ask, even some of Samsung’s own mid-range phones were better at fingerprint detection than its top-of-the-line phones, even if, again, they weren’t as good as the competition. But with the Galaxy S22 series, I think we’re finally at a place when Samsung’s more or less perfected fingerprint detection on its flagship phones, and I think everyone here at SamMobile agrees it's never been better.

Fingerprint detection on the Galaxy S22 series is literal perfection

In fact, I'd say Samsung had already made good strides with the Galaxy S21 series' fingerprint sensor compared to what it offered on the Galaxy Note 20 series and everything before. Now, this is my personal experience and yours might vary, but I hate the fingerprint sensor on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. I tried the Galaxy S22 Ultra for a few days, and boy is there a huge difference.

The Galaxy S22 series is virtually instant at detecting your print when you place your finger on the screen, and its accuracy rate is considerably high, especially when the screen is off and you’re keeping your finger on the screen without anything to guide you (though, for those of you who aren’t aware, you can set the fingerprint icon to show up by tapping the blank screen).

Again, this is my own opinion, and others might disagree, but I’ve never been a fan of the ultrasonic fingerprint readers on Samsung’s flagship devices, and I think I’ve used all of them since and including the Galaxy S10. That’s finally changed this year with the Galaxy S22 series of phones, and I might even upgrade to the Galaxy S22 Ultra if my wife financial situation allows just so I can leave behind the bad fingerprint experience of my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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