Samsung on track to break another record this year


Last updated: June 28th, 2021 at 11:17 UTC+01:00

It seems that breaking records comes naturally to Samsung. Then again, the company does make some great high quality products that customers are happy to spend their money on. This increases demand for its products and results in record high sales.

Samsung is the world’s largest TV vendor. It invests heavily in improving its display panel technology to hold on to that top spot. The company’s latest high-end TV series is on track to post record sales this year.

Pent-up demand driving record sales of Samsung TVs

Samsung has sold over 4 million units of its QLED TVs in the first half of this year. It’s closer now than ever before to achieve the record of 10 million units sold per year for the first time. Samsung’s 2021 NEO QLED TV series is selling particularly well in the company’s home country of South Korea.

An electronics industry source claims that this year’s flagship TV lineup is selling twice as fast as last year’s lineup. If this trend continues and Samsung sees sustained sales momentum in other countries, Samsung will easily achieve the record of 10 million units sold within the year.

This will be a big record, especially when you consider that the QLED TVs have sold over 20 million units combined since they were first introduced in 2017. Samsung is now on track to achieve 50% of that with just one flagship TV series in one year.

The current market dynamics are working in Samsung’s favor. The COVID19 pandemic brought an increase in demand for TVs as people across the globe were confined to their homes. Other TV manufacturers have been facing issues meeting demand due to the semiconductor shortage. However, Samsung has kept its supply chain situation under control, but it does fear that a prolonged shortage could end up affecting TV sales in the long run.

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