Samsung SmartThings and Harman team up to advance the Internet of Things

Harman International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has announced that it’s teaming up with SmartThings to further advance the Internet of Things. This is a collaboration between companies owned by Samsung as many of you might be aware that IoT darling SmartThings was acquired by Samsung back in 2014.

This engineering partnership is between Samsung SmartThings R&D team and Harman Connected Services, a division of the auto-component giant that works with countless enterprises across the globe to accelerate the transformation to a more connected world through cloud, mobility and analytics solutions.

Samsung SmartThings and Harman to advance IoT

Harman International was acquired by Samsung for $8 billion last year, it was the largest acquisition the firm has ever made. It has since been adopting the company’s solutions into its own portfolio, starting with AKG-tuned speaker in flagship Galaxy devices.

The US-based company’s technology is expected to trickle down to other Samsung products as well. The company is working on a Bixby-powered smart speaker which is likely going to rely on Harman’s audio prowess.

Samsung is a leader in the Internet of Things space courtesy of SmartThings with a presence in more than one million homes across the globe. The SmartThings Cloud is connected to more than 10 million devices.

As part of this collaboration, a global team of Harman Connected Services engineers will work with the SmartThings team to develop and support the SmartThings app and device development. They will also work on integrating third-party devices into the ecosystem and develop new features for SmartThings Cloud. They will also work together to create future roadmap features for the hub, core and embedded components.

“By partnering with HARMAN Connected Services for SmartThings application and device development, we’re able to bring the latest smart device innovations directly to consumers,” said Samsung SmartThings COT Robert Parker.

Harman and Samsung SmartThings are committed to revolutionizing the Internet of Things and cloud space for both consumers, enterprise and car manufacturers. They will continue to work together to create and implement new technologies for various industries and customers.

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I bet it was Alexa.