Samsung’s mobile profitability hinges on foldable bet: report

The worst thing about success is that there’s nowhere for you to go but down. OK, maybe that’s not the worst aspect of being a global commercial powerhouse, but Samsung’s performance in the mobile segment is currently at its peak. And the nadir is drawing close, some industry watchers believe, opinionating that the company’s too committed to the foldable niche. At least as far as near-term earnings potential is concerned.

And that’s the only thing anyone seems to care about lately, which is hardly a surprise, given the dominant fashion in which Samsung power-stomped its way through the first quarter of this year. But how much longer can this go on? A fair bit longer, actually.

Samsung’s biggest threat in the foldable phone space doesn’t even exist yet?

Between record smartphone profits, record TV profits, and record… electro-engineering(?) income, the immediate future is looking beyond secure from Seoul’s point of view.

That isn’t stopping doom-and-gloom predictions from getting spewed by the analysts lately, as if you need to be clairvoyant to predict that Samsung might not have that much more market share in mobile to grab. With that said, having ridiculous growth figures in a sector as exciting as foldable smartphones is an unfathomable dream for many a company. So, Samsung’s looking pretty comfortable right now.

Not that comfort is on its list of priorities. And as more devices keep releasing on a monthly basis, it would appear Samsung’s still a pretty big believer in making your own luck. That shouldn’t be too hard for the time being, especially with its biggest threat in the foldable space not being anywhere close to ready to launch a rivaling product.

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