Samsung to sell smart home bundles in Netherlands as SmartThings grows

Samsung’s smart home platform, SmartThings, has become quite popular in the Netherlands. Of the 63 million active SmartThings users across the globe, over 1 million in Dutch. This means that 1 in 14 adults in the Netherlands is a SmartThings user.

The company believes that this number is set to grow further in the future. Recent research conducted to take the pulse of the market showed that nearly 4 in 10 Dutch people are positive about smart homes. Samsung wants to cater to them by offering them product bundles for the smart home.

Samsung looks to drive SmartThings adoption with product bundles

The SmartThings platform aims to be a one-stop solution for users who want to live a connected lifestyle. It can be used to control a wide variety of smart objects, including but not limited to thermostats, camera-equipped doorbells, smart lights, TVs, washing machines, and more. SmartThings offers exceptional flexibility to users since it’s not just compatible with Samsung products. Devices from more than 130 different partners use the SmartThings platform.

The convenience that it provides is one of the reasons why SmartThings has grown so rapidly not just in the Netherlands but globally. Samsung had just 28 million registered SmartThings users worldwide in 2018. Merely two years later, it now has 147 million users.

Many Dutch customers will continue to work from home and even stay indoors for exercise and entertainment as winter approaches. Samsung wants them to take full advantage of its smart home platform as the world comes to terms with its new normal. That’s why it’s going to offer product bundles for smart devices to customers in the Netherlands as part of its ‘Welcome To The Easy Life’ campaign.

The bundles on offer include the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with a 6-month subscription to the Videoland streaming service, The Sero rotating TV with the Galaxy A50, the QLED TV with a Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Galaxy Watch 3, another QLED TV bundle with its Soundbar and its QuickDrive washing machine with the Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Galaxy Fit.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed the pricing for these bundles but it will do that in due course. It remains to be seen if similar product bundles will be offered in other markets across the globe.

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