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Samsung has removed some of its old ads that mocked Apple


Last updated: August 9th, 2019 at 15:03 UTC+02:00

Over the years, Samsung has attacked Apple’s iPhones on many occasions through its ad campaigns. Some of the recent attacks centered on iPhones’ notch design and removal of the headphone jack. The Korean company was able to do this as its older flagships had a notch-free design and came with a headphone jack.

However, Samsung lost those bragging rights this year as it launched flagship devices with hole-punch displays to cut down the bezels. With the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, the company also started ditching the headphone jack and the microSD slot. Even the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Fold comes with a big notch on the inside and lacks a headphone jack.

Samsung no longer has the bragging rights

Now that Samsung can no longer mock Apple on these issues, it removed some of the older attack ads from its YouTube channel in the US. Most of these adverts are from the Galaxy S9’s ‘Ingenius’ ad campaign that attacked iPhone X’s dongle life, slower download speeds, lower DxOMark scores, and more. Interestingly, Samsung has removed even those ads that are not related to a notch or the headphone jack. Apart from the ‘ingenious’ ads, the Korean company’s famous ‘Growing up’ ad from 2017 has also disappeared from its YouTube channel.

Of course, it’s not just Samsung, even Apple retracted some of its old ads mocking the big-screen phones once it launched the iPhone 6/6+. Interestingly, in both these cases, removing the ads brought more attention to them due to what is known as the Streisand Effect. Though these ads are missing from the official channels, you can still find them easily online.

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