Samsung mocks a decade of iPhones in new ad

Samsung is pretty good at mocking Apple in its ads and the company has released a new one titled “Growing Up” which mocks an entire decade of iPhones. It’s no coincidence that the ad has been released on the very weekend that Apple has released the iPhone X.

The ad highlights the journey of a longtime iPhone fan who has been buying the handset since the first one came out only to be regularly disappointed by his girlfriend’s superior Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Mocking The iPhone

The ad touches on a pain point that many iPhone customers have experienced over the years. Since the iPhone doesn’t allow external expansion of storage, it’s pretty easy to find yourself in a position where you have to decide what goes and what stays on your iPhone. Samsung’s first appearance in this ad is in 2013 when his iPhone 5 is bested by his girlfriend’s Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung later points out that its smartphones have been water resistant and capable of wireless charging for a couple of years now, features that Apple added to the iPhone only recently. There’s even a subtle jab at Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack.

He eventually comes to his senses and purchases the Galaxy Note 8 because that’s really what Samsung wants you to do. It’s a pretty nice ad, full marks for execution.

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