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Samsung releases a short film to showcase their Relúmĭno app

Samsung has released today a short film titled “Two Lights: Relúmĭno”. The film which features Korean actress Han Ji Min. and K-pop star and actor Park Hyungsik as the main characters, is produced by the Korean film director and screenwriter, Hur Jin-ho.

The film is aimed at showcasing Relúmĭno, Samsung’s visual aid application for people with visual impairments. Relúmĭno is an app developed by a team at Samsung’s in-house incubator program named C-Lab. The app uses Gear VR to assist visually-impaired people by enhancing their vision to overcome everyday challenges.

Helping near-blind and visually impaired people to see things better

Relúmĭno uses Vision Assistive Technology which processes images taken by the camera of a smartphone. It then improves viewing conditions by compensating through edge enhancement, text enhancement, contrast enhancement, distorted image correction and blind spot remapping.

It allows for partial vision restoration. Clinical tests performed earlier this year showed a significant improvement of visual acuity and faster reading speed.

The film tells the story of Sooyoung and Insoo, two young visually-impaired people who meet at a photography club. They grow closer to each other as they learn to take their own photos. Relúmĭno helps them in the end bringing closure to a moving story.

According to Samsung, the film “was inspired by the fact that about 86 percent of visually impaired people worldwide have low vision, and that they may experience unnecessary inconveniences as a result”.

Relúmĭno was showcased at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona this year. Our hands-on time with the app left us impressed with the idea and the implementation.

You can check the short film below.


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