Samsung signs Israeli FIFA, Fortnite team in new eSports push


Last updated: August 4th, 2021 at 13:56 UTC+02:00

Israeli eSports organization Team Finest is the lastest professional gaming collective to join forces with Samsung. The conglomerate will hence be sponsoring a wide array of their activities and facilities moving forward. Of course, the development also means Samsung’s logo will start being prominently displayed on Team Finest kits. And seeing how the organization currently competes in everything from Fortnite and FIFA to CS: GO and Valorant, Samsung secured quite a lot of eSports-centric ad space with this move.

In a prepared statement issued for the occasion, a company representative suggested the decision to sponsor Team Finest was a straightforward step for Samsung to take. In the sense that it signals a continuation of Samsung’s growing appetite for competitive gaming and video games, in general.

Expect more high-profile eSports partnerships involving Samsung

And while Samsung’s eSports ambitions grew quite wide in recent years, this particular tie-up is hardly surprising. Not in the least because Team Finest is among the more established names on the international pro gaming scene. Before Samsung came into the picture, the organization already secured sponsorships with household tech brands such as Logitech and Acer.

Plus, Samsung has recently committed to collaboration with some of the most high-profile brands in the niche like David Beckham’s own gaming team. Meaning the Team Finest sponsorship probably won’t be its final such undertaking announced in the near future. After all, a boost to brand awareness is rarely a wrong move for an industry leader the size of Samsung. Not to mention that this signing could pave the way for some uniquely intriguing experiences.

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