Samsung’s USB-C noise cancelling AKG earphones could cost as much as $80

The new noise cancelling USB Type-C AKG earphones Samsung will sell as a separate accessory for the Galaxy Note Note 10 and Note 10+ could cost as much as $80, according to leakster Ice universe, who tweeted out images of what is apparently Samsung’s training material for its employees in China. It was initially thought that the noise cancelling earphones would be bundled with the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, but Samsung later confirmed to us that it would be a separate purchase.

The earphones are yet to be listed on Samsung’s official website, so this is the first time we’re getting a look at the possible price tag. The images show 499 yuan as the recommended retail price for the AKG earphones, which translates to $70.84 based on current currency conversion rates. However, we can expect Samsung to add a few dollars to the price tag when launching the earphones in the US in other markets, as suggested by how the 299 yuan 45W super fast charger is priced at $49.99 in the US even though 299 yuan translates to around $42.

Of course, even $80 will be around $20 cheaper than what you had to pay for the AKG earphones that accompanied the Galaxy S8, and with noise cancelling a part of the package now, it would certainly be an excellent deal overall. And for those who aren’t keen on wires anymore, the wireless AKG-tuned Galaxy Buds cost just $129.99. They don’t have active noise cancelling like the wired USB Type-C AKG earphones (which reportedly offer 98% noise cancellation), but they do let you listen to ambient noise so you can be aware of your surroundings while listening to your favorite music or the latest podcasts.

It’s worth noting that the new wired USB Type-C AKG earphones should work with existing Galaxy devices with USB Type-C ports, which might be why Samsung isn’t hurrying to launch them alongside the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. Unfortunately, that also means there is currently no release date known, but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we find more information on that front.

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