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Samsung Internet for Gear VR gets content blockers and DLNA support

Samsung launched an optimized version of its web browser for the Gear VR two years ago and it has gradually been adding new features to it. Version 5.6 of Samsung Internet for Gear VR has now been released and it brings content blockers as well as support for DLNA streaming. This feature will make it easier for users to stream their media to the optimized web browser.

Samsung Internet for Gear VR version 5.6

The latest release of Samsung Internet for Gear VR adds DLNA support and improves the performance of fullscreen video to reduce battery consumption. It also improves the quality of fullscreen video.

DLNA or “Digital Living Network Alliance” is an industry-wide standard for sharing data over a network. It will enable users to stream videos and images from DLNA servers such as PCs, game consoles and mobile devices to Samsung Internet for Gear VR.

Users can configure this by clicking on the new “Network” tab on the menu to see the available servers and browse to the desired file. It’s imperative for the user to be part of the network and have DLNA servers in the network otherwise this won’t work.

Content Blockers, a feature first introduced with the Android version of Samsung Internet, is now available on the Gear VR version as well. Users can select up to five content blockers to use in the browser to block irrelevant content and speed up loading times.

Secret Mode is a new addition to Samsung Internet for Gear VR as well. It provides a more private browsing experience that’s protected with a PIN number and supports private bookmarks and video history.

The latest version of Samsung Internet for Gear VR is now available for download from the Oculus Store.


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