Samsung inks one-year exclusive mobile device partnership with Twitch

Samsung is strengthening its image as a gamer-friendly smartphone manufacturer through a new partnership with the livestreaming platform Twitch. Samsung announced today that it is now the exclusive mobile device partner of Twitch Rivals North America. The latter is a series of online gaming events created for streamers and viewers. The two companies will be working together and launching new challenges, powered by Galaxy 5G mobile devices, for a full year.

A Twitch Rivals broadcast scheduled for later today will kick off the new partnership. Later on, the livestream will host the Twitch Rivals Mobile Challenge powered by Samsung Galaxy 5G devices. We’re guessing the Galaxy Note 20 might make an appearance, but with Unpacked 2021 scheduled for tomorrow, January 14, it would be very unusual for the Galaxy S21 series to debut through Twitch Rivals. Then again, Samsung could use this platform to at least tease the upcoming flagship lineup.

What gaming events can you look forward to?

As a result of this new partnership, Samsung and Twitch Rivals will be hosting new challenges and events featuring 5G-enabled Galaxy devices throughout the year.

Twitch Rivals Mobile Challenges are a series of first-of-its-kind mobile gaming crossover events where top streamers and top mobile gaming franchises will be brought together by Samsung and Twitch Rivals.

In addition, Mobile Mondays brought to you by Samsung is a new series of all-year-round tournaments that give Galaxy users and Twitch viewers a chance to win cash prizes and other benefits.

Finally, Mobile Gaming Heroes will be a new event taking place later this year, where Samsung and Twitch Rivals will unveil the next generation of mobile gaming heroes. It’s unclear who these so-called mobile gaming heroes are and whether they’re staff or if they’ll be picked from the Twitch community and/or the Galaxy user base. Whatever the case may be, they’ll be tasked with producing original content, participating in select events, and hosting exclusive streams on Twitch. More details are bound to be revealed later this year.

Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Mobile, Jude Buckley, adds: flagship Galaxy devices help gamers win, thanks to their high-resolution screens and advanced processing power. Samsung is also advertising its 5G portfolio with claims of low latency for customers who enjoy online gaming on their mobile devices.

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