Samsung Galaxy Note 10 user manual now available

Samsung has made the user manual for the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ and Note 10+ 5G available, for all those anxiously awaiting the delivery of their brand new devices. Or for anyone else interested in digging through all the official details of the phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 user manual

As usual, Samsung will not be including hundreds of pages of printed paper in the box of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. Rather, you can find the link to the online user guide on the device itself. Or, if you do not yet own one, you can find it bundled into a nice, hefty PDF. That is, as soon as Samsung makes it available.

Right on time for the global launch next week, this is exactly what Samsung has just done. You can find the English version right here, and we expect the same document will appear in other languages on the support pages of your local Samsung offshoot shortly. This one guide includes all internationally available device versions: the regular Note 10, the Note 10+ and the Note 10+ 5G.

Yes, there’s a speaker on top of the phone

Browsing through the 258-page document did not reveal any real surprises in the short time we spent with it. You can read all about new Galaxy Note 10 features, such as S Pen Air Actions, the customizable side-key, AR Doodle and the brand new Game Booster that replaces the old Game Tools feature. Plus, we see some more, definitive confirmation that the hole on top really is a speaker.

Let us know in the comments if there is anything else you stumbled across that is new, unknown, or simply worth pointing out.

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