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Last updated: July 23rd, 2021 at 12:20 UTC+02:00

Samsung has long been the worldwide partner for the Olympics. It has continued to support the games over the years. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will soon be kicking off and this time around, the event is unlike any other in history.

Japan has banned spectators from attending the games to limit the potential of COVID wreaking havoc on an event that it has already delayed by a year. Despite the change, Samsung has retained its presence at the game. It has once again handed out goodie bags to all athletes and if you were curious to see what’s inside them, now’s your chance.

You don’t need to be an athlete to look inside Samsung’s goodie bag

All of the major sponsors of the game are keeping a low profile due to the unusual nature of the event this year. Since there won’t be any spectators they don’t really need to go all out with their marketing efforts.

Samsung is taking a similar approach. Its Tokyo 2020 marketing efforts are subtle, focusing mainly on promotions by the athletes and online campaigns. The Team Galaxy is an integral part of its Olympics marketing strategy.

It consists of 11 of the world’s top athletes. The team includes Kim Yeon-koung, a South Korean female volleyball player, who was likely seen wearing a Galaxy Watch 4 at the airport before taking off for Tokyo.

Once the athletes arrive in Tokyo, they’ll find a goodie bag from Samsung waiting for them. All 17,000 athletes competing in the Olympics and the Paralympics will receive these gifts from Samsung.

Thanks to a post on TikTok by Bradley Forbes-Cryans, a British athlete competing in the Tokyo 2020 games, our curiosity about this goodie bag has been satisfied. The goodie bag includes the beautiful Galaxy S21 Olympic Edition, a pair of Samsung’s latest Galaxy Buds Pro with a separate case and just a regular pen.

So even if some of the athletes aren’t able to go back with a medal, at least they’ll get to keep these cool gadgets!


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