Leaked Galaxy Watch Active 2 render confirms what we already know

What appears to be a promotional render for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has leaked online today. It confirms what we already know about Samsung’s upcoming wearable device. It reiterates that the upcoming smartwatch will indeed be called the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The original Galaxy Watch Active was launched in February this year. We found it to be a pretty good smartwatch packed in a small package. It ditched the rotating bezel ring for a more compact and light build. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 sticks to the same script.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 gets its own leaked render

We were the first to exclusively leak hands-on images of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. We have also confirmed that the smartwatch will be offered in 44mm and 40mm sizes and that it will be available in both Wi-Fi and LTE variants.

The render iterates what we already know about the smartwatch. The display is going to be slightly larger, for example, with the overall design being more or less the same as the original Galaxy Watch Active. What can only be a microphone hole is positioned between the two physical buttons, suggesting that this render depicts the LTE variant.

It obviously doesn’t reveal anything about the other new features that will be included. We exclusively revealed a week ago that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will get several new features. They include the ability to take an ECG, Afib notifications, and fall detection. It does show that a leather strap would be on offer this time as opposed to the silicone strap that came with its predecessor.

Samsung hasn’t said anything about a new smartwatch at this point in time. So it’s unclear whether we will see it being unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7.

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