Galaxy Watch 3 features include gesture control and fall detection


Last updated: July 25th, 2020 at 11:53 UTC+02:00

Much of what we need to know about Samsung’s upcoming products has now been revealed. There have been detailed leaks for the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy Buds Live over the past week. A new report now reveals more information about Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch.

As we’re all aware by now, Samsung is introducing a new smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch 3. It’s going to bring back the physical rotating bezel in addition to several new features. According to the report, gesture control and fall detection are among the new Galaxy Watch 3 features.

Hand gesture control will add to the Galaxy Watch 3’s ease of use

The information is gleaned from the Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app that Samsung has released online. A deep dive into the code has revealed that the Galaxy Watch 3 will allow you to control it using hand gestures.

It will be possible to answer a phone call on the Galaxy Watch 3 by just clenching and unclenching your wrist. If you’re receiving a call, just perform this gesture to pick it up. If you want to ignore the call, just shake your hand. Since the Galaxy Watch 3 does have a speaker it will be possible to take calls on the watch itself.

Fall detection is another new addition to the Galaxy Watch 3, one that’s going to prove very useful. If the device detects a fall, it’s going to ring for 60 seconds and if the user doesn’t respond, it will send their location and a 5-second sound recording to selected emergency contacts. There will also be an option to place an SOS call after a fall is detected.

Lastly, taking screenshots is now going to be easier. You won’t need to hold the bottom button and swipe left like before. Pressing both side buttons simultaneously on the Galaxy Watch 3 will capture a screenshot.

Expect the Galaxy Watch 3 to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 20 on August 5. It should hit shelves soon after that.

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