Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ will have 120Hz displays, rumor claims

One of our greatest wishes regarding Samsung’s next flagship tablet might be coming true. If the latest rumor from the Twitter leaker sphere is correct, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ will be equipped with displays capable of a 120Hz refresh rate.

As great as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 may be, the tablet is equipped with a 60Hz display that is technically incapable of matching the smoothness of an iPad Pro. Samsung seemingly wants to change this with its upcoming flagship tablet series, and it’s a good thing too, if it wants to step outside its Android comfort zone and compete with Apple’s best.

A 120Hz tablet display can drastically change the experience

A 90Hz/120Hz display is one of our biggest desires when it comes to the list of Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ features we’d like to see. A high-refresh rate contributes to smoother animations and a feel of higher touch responsiveness, and it can even help the S Pen experience. Flawed as it is, the 120Hz display mode present on the Galaxy S20 series is a game-changer and it makes it difficult going back to 60Hz. These benefits might be felt even more on a large-screen device designed for multimedia experiences.

On the other hand, doubling the refresh rate will also have a negative effect on battery life, but this might not be as big of an issue on a large tablet, particularly because of the more generous battery inside. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is expected to ship with a battery boasting a rated capacity of 9,800mAh.

It’s only logical to assume that at least the larger Galaxy Tab S7+ will have a 90Hz or 120Hz display, but remember, a high refresh rate screen might be missing from the base Galaxy Note 20 model, so right now there’s no way to be certain of Samsung’s intentions regarding its upcoming tablets. It could be that only one model, none, or both will have a 120Hz screen, so keep a healthy dose of skepticism until more details emerge.

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