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A new report out of South Korea claims that the Galaxy S9 pre-orders have been below expectations so far in Samsung’s home country. Samsung started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ in South Korea yesterday and industry watchers are saying that so far the pre-orders have fallen shy of expectations.

Galaxy S9 pre-orders

Industry watchers mentioned in the report claim that the Galaxy S9 pre-orders for both models of the new flagship did not reach those of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ in the first six hours after pre-orders were opened. Samsung hasn’t revealed any official figures as yet so it’s difficult to be sure whether or not that is the case.

An employee of a local carrier is quoted as saying that while many customers are asking about the new phones, the actual number of pre-orders appears to be “a tad smaller” than last year. The report mentions that the LG V30S ThinQ has received a similar reception in South Korea. It’s LG’s revamped version of the V30 with new artificial intelligence features.

It merits mentioning here that these observations are from the very first day after pre-orders were opened so it’s likely that the numbers could pick up down the line. Moreover, it has only been a few days since the Galaxy S9 was officially unveiled so Samsung will gradually ramp up its marketing efforts to get more customers to pre-order the handset.

Samsung already expects that the Galaxy S9 will outperform the Galaxy S8 in terms of sales. The CEO of Samsung’s mobile division recently said that the initial response has been above expectations from consumers even though the Galaxy S9 doesn’t bring a lot of cosmetic changes which is usually what they are most attracted by.

Seeing as how we’re on the subject of Galaxy S9 pre-orders, don’t forget to check out our Galaxy S9 pre-order deals for a handful of key markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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14 days 19 hours ago
the phones here are so over priced.. they make so you have to go though the phone carriers to get them even now the Note 8 256g is $1256 usd here in south Korea the 64g is $998 and change. last night down town I saw a ad for the s9 and s9+ the s9 was W1,100,000 $1000 USD and the S9+ said Call for price. And everyone in this country does not pay for there phones out right. it is a form of monopoly Samsung has with the phone company’s here. even my unlocked phone from Samsung in America… Read more »
15 days 22 hours ago
Yep. this time samsung did not deliver. When other brands have acces to snapdragon 845 chipset sales will go down the drain. only if they lower price 20% it will pick up sales again. And if you compare with UMI S2 lite it just do not make any sence. you can have 6 UMI S2 lite phones for the price of 1 SGS9. You can get a used car for the price of 1 SGS9. If it had the WOW factor temptations could drive the sales like SGS8 but this year price goes up WOW factor goes down. And that… Read more »
16 days 2 hours ago
Horus Osiris

Not surprising, it is a S8s and I’m talking about S9, ok S9+ is much better but that price 🙁

16 days 6 hours ago
As a galaxy s8 user, I am gonna kindly warn anyone who has intentions to buy new samsung devices. If you care about security updates, OS updates or even some simple answers when you contact samsung support, do NOT buy samsung devices. Go ahead, just check-out s8 update history. There are many s8 owners who’s been left out from beta testing and simply any updates since NOVEMBER. This is unbelievable. I wished someone would have told me in advance. Go with google, LG, even Xiaomi but not with Samsung. There are many comments in this site showing even people leaving… Read more »
16 days 3 hours ago
Horus Osiris

Lol, sorry bro but LG & Xiaomi have the worst updates in history, Sony has the best from known players, they are the fastest only behind Google

16 days 9 hours ago

Are they really that surprised? They can’t be that deluded that people would flock for the S9s.
That being said. Samsung came through finally – again, never trust their first line support staff!. But the upgrade lounge opened and my S9+ has been ordered lol. Stereo sound and 1080p slow motion have been a long time coming.
Next year will welcome a mix of the following features (not all of them):
Full Force Touch display
In display Fingerprint scanner
3D facial scanning
AR for the rear camera
AI Camera and full HD super Slo-mo
Maybe even 4K at 120fps
3700mAh-4000mAh batteries
Faster Wired charging

15 days 23 hours ago

I would want bigger batteries and may be in display fingerprint scanner. Rest are all fluff.

16 days 11 hours ago

Hey, Samsung! Galaxy Note 8 at you in an ass, perhaps?