OnePlus is coming after Galaxy Buds Pro with its own set of ‘Pro’ earbuds

The Galaxy Buds Pro, which were launched earlier this year, quickly became one of the most recommended pair of truly wireless earbuds with ANC. They offer rich audio, a comfortable fit, good battery life, and 360-degree audio. However, OnePlus seems to have set its sight on the Galaxy Buds Pro, and is planning to launch its own set of truly wireless earbuds with ANC.

OnePlus has announced that it will launch the OnePlus Buds Pro alongside the OnePlus Nord 2 on July 22. The upcoming earbuds feature ‘adaptive’ noise cancellation, three microphones on each side, and can reduce noise from 15db up to 40db. Unlike the Galaxy Buds Pro, OnePlus’ TWS have a stem (similar to the AirPods Pro). OnePlus claims that it has been working on its upcoming earbuds since July 2020 and that they offer truly flagship-grade audio.

Another interesting feature of the OnePlus Buds Pro is its long battery life and ultra-fast charging. They claim to offer up to 38 hours of battery life (including the case) after a full charge and 10 hours of battery life with just 10 minutes of charging. The OnePlus Buds Pro’s case features a USB Type-C port and Qi wireless charging.

Whether or not they can truly compete with the Galaxy Buds Pro depends on their audio quality, ANC performance, and pricing. Knowing OnePlus’ track record, we expect the OnePlus Buds Pro to cost slightly lower than the Galaxy Buds Pro. However, the company’s first set of truly wireless earphones were far from great, and it needs to do much better if it wants to defeat the Galaxy Buds Pro.

OnePlus Buds Pro

  • Model: SM-R190
  • Dimensions: Ear Buds: 20.5 x 19.5 x 20.8 mm
    Cradle (Ear Buds): x x mm
  • Display:
  • CPU:
  • Camera:
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