Galaxy Buds crush the Apple AirPods in Consumer Reports’ ratings

According to Business Korea citing Consumer Reports, the Galaxy Buds have outscored the Apple AirPods, ranking first in the wireless earphone category with a total of 86 points. The AirPods, on the other hand, managed to secure an abysmal 49th place with a score of 56 points.

The score was apparently determined by the design and sound quality of the wireless earphones, and the Galaxy Buds have obtained an “Excellent” rating in the sound quality category. The Galaxy Buds are reportedly the first Bluetooth-enabled earbuds to get an Excellent rating in the sound quality category, which should mean that they’ve not only beat Apple’s product but other rivals as well.

Let’s not forget the Galaxy Buds launched for a lower price

Both the 2019 Galaxy Buds and the Apple AirPods (2nd generation) were introduced in March. However, Samsung’s solution was sold at a considerably lower price. The Galaxy Buds launched for $149, whereas the Apple AirPods launched for $159 with the standard charging case, and for $199 when paired with the wireless charging case. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds come with a wireless charging case as standard, and this made for a $50 price gap between the two competing products.

The Galaxy Buds continued to get better through firmware updates launched over the past few months. Touch controls and Bluetooth connectivity improved, and so has the quality of streaming and phone calls. Are you a Galaxy Buds owner? What has been your experience with the product so far? Let us know in the comment section.

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