Galaxy M series pricing may start at $135 in India

There has been a barrage of reports in the last week revealing almost everything about the yet to be launched Galaxy M series. Design, purported specifications, live image, and more of the Galaxy M series have already surfaced online, but the pricing information has mostly remained a secret so far. A new report from India is now throwing some light on that as well.

According to an IANS report, the Galaxy M10 pricing will reportedly start at ₹ 9,500 ($134), while the Galaxy M20 will be priced around ₹ 15,000 ($215). No pricing is suggested for the Galaxy M30, but it is safe to assume the rumored triple-camera setup will push it closer to the Galaxy A series pricing. Given that Samsung is packing the Galaxy M series with some of its latest tech, the suggested pricing sounds extremely competitive and might pose a significant threat to many other brands in the market.

More pressure on profits?

With reasonably capable processors, modern design, large batteries, ample storage and RAM, the Galaxy M models will be some of the most affordable and capable options in the market at these reported prices. The new lineup seems to have the potential to take on Xiaomi’s budget offerings and reclaim some of the lost ground.

However, considering all the contradictory reports, there is no guarantee the alleged pricing information is accurate. Also, previous reports have said that Samsung is planning to debut the Galaxy M10, M20, and M30 later this month in India, but the latest report says the Galaxy M30 will be launched next month.

Interestingly, a recent report based on regulatory filings found that Samsung India’s mobile profit declined last year despite a growth in revenue, indicating the disappearing margins in the company’s budget lineup. So, it will be surprising, to say the least, if the company adopts an even more aggressive pricing model for the new series.


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Sam Dough
Sam Dough

With that kind of pricing for the budget line, it will still face a hard time to compete with its competitor. That is why smart people buys Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Asus and Honor. They offer more specs and with more affordable price than Samsung which is very expensive. Samsung budget phone already lags not only from the box but even the phone displayed in the Experience Store already lagged so much. This is so shameful for Samsung and that’s the reason why Samsung sales are dropping like a waterfall. Moreover, Samsung designer team are so lazy that they… Read more »


What about Lee Jae-yong and his bribes and all that affair with prison. I havent’ heard any news about it during last few months.