[Poll Results!] What would you prefer on the Galaxy S10, notch or a display hole?

The recent reports about the Galaxy S10 display suggest that it may feature an Infinity-O panel. It’s an alternative to the notch as it punches out a hole in the display itself for the front camera. However, some of our readers have not been impressed with how the implementation looks so far, based on unofficial renders and some leaks from China.

This begs the question, would some of you rather prefer a notch instead? Samsung is no longer averse to notched displays, but whether it would use one for a flagship device remains to be seen. Or are you in the camp that feels this is just too absurd, that Samsung should keep things simple and stick the camera on the bezel like it is on the Galaxy S9.

That may not happen, though, as Samsung does seem adamant to increase the screen-to-body ratio on its next flagship. It will only be able to do that by either opting for a notch or a display hole. You can get an idea of how the two may look below.

Do let us know in the comments how you feel about this entire notch, no-notch business.

Poll result: Unsurprisingly, the majority of the participants feel that the display hole is a good alternative to the notch. However, those who want neither a notch nor a display hole came in a close second. This suggests that the Galaxy S10 could end up polarizing the Samsung faithful.

What would you prefer on the Galaxy S10, notch or a display hole?
  • Display hole, I feel it's a good alternative 48%, 972 votes
    972 votes 48%
    972 votes - 48% of all votes
  • Neither, I want it to be like the Galaxy S9 43%, 873 votes
    873 votes 43%
    873 votes - 43% of all votes
  • Notch, the display hole is absurd 6%, 115 votes
    115 votes 6%
    115 votes - 6% of all votes
  • I'm fine with either one 2%, 49 votes
    49 votes 2%
    49 votes - 2% of all votes
Total Votes: 2009
5 December 2018 - 14 December 2018
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