Gear S4 might sport a bigger battery than its predecessor

We reported a couple of months back that Samsung is developing a successor to the Gear S3 smartwatch under the codename Galileo and model number SM-R800. Since the Gear S3 Classic and Frontier carried model numbers SM-R770 and SM-R760 respectively, it is clear the new device is a successor to the current Gear S3 family and could be the Gear S4.

Well-known leaker from China, Ice Universe, has revealed in a Weibo post that the Gear S4 will support a bigger battery than its predecessors. The post says the Gear S4 will come with a 470mAh battery, up from Gear S3’s 380mAh. Compared to many other smartwatches, battery life is already one of the strengths of the Samsung offerings. With a bigger battery, hopefully, the lead will increase even further.

No other leaks so far

Unfortunately, nothing much has leaked about the upcoming Samsung smartwatch so far. The last two Gear smartwatches were unveiled at IFA, so it won’t be surprising if Samsung follows the same pattern for the Gear S4 as well. A launch alongside the Galaxy Note 9 is also a strong possibility.

Since the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung has been cautious about cramming bigger batteries in its devices. Though the source has a relatively good track record, it is still a rumor for now – one that most of us would like to be true.

Gear S4 battery might be bigger than its predecessor's


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I hope it’s android wear. You should do a poll.


If they don’t provide lte version in india, not at all gonna buy it


Battery wont be an incentive for me to change from the S3. This watch already lasts me two days.


My S3 last me 18 hours – on a good day – with notifications and LTE off. I won’t be buying another Samsung watch. The 3.0 Tizen update really flapped things up.

Marty Kinnamon

I’m wondering if the voice assistance on the S4 will be better than S-Voice on my S2. It’s severely limited on my S2. Can’t do web searches for information related to requests.


Unless Samsung installs Bixby on the next watch, voice assistance will be worthless, just as it’s been going back to the original Gear.