Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor may not be in the display after all

There have been countless rumors about Samsung working on optical fingerprint recognition technology. It would enable the company to integrate a fingerprint sensor into the display itself. Samsung was rumored to introduce this technology with the Galaxy S8 but that didn’t happen. Recent reports suggested that the Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor might be integrated into the display.

According to a new report out of China, the Galaxy S9 is not going to have an optical fingerprint sensor. That means it may either be placed at the back like it is now or Samsung might figure out something else entirely.

Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Sensor

Many Samsung fans weren’t thrilled when the company relocated the fingerprint sensor to the back. They want the company to do something about it. An optical fingerprint sensor seems like the perfect solution but apparently, the tech isn’t just ready yet.

A China-based source, who has been right on multiple accounts in the past, is “100% sure” that the Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor won’t be integrated into the display. The source doesn’t say where the sensor is going to end up.

The rear-mounted fingerprint sensor will be back with the Galaxy S9, according to some analysts. A 3D sensor-powered facial recognition feature will eliminate the need for the fingerprint sensor altogether, others believe.

Samsung could go down a different route. A recent patent suggested that the Galaxy S9 could have a small recess at the bottom on the front where a fingerprint sensor will be placed.

There’s no clarity on this as yet therefore, we’re likely going to hear conflicting reports in the months to come. That’s just how it is for flagship devices that are highly anticipated.

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