Samsung’s rear fingerprint sensor will be back for a third round next year, says analyst

When will Samsung switch to an under-display (or in-screen) fingerprint sensor? Nobody knows, and the last we heard, Samsung was having trouble achieving uniform brightness across the display while testing an in-screen fingerprint sensor. The Galaxy Note 8 will stick with the oddly placed rear fingerprint sensor next to the camera, and according to 9to5Google, KGI Ming-Chi Kuo analyst believes it will be the same for the Galaxy S9 as well.

The KGI report is no longer available, but the oft-accurate analyst believes Samsung has no reason to rush putting a phone with an under-display fingerprint sensor on the market with the Galaxy S9, as Apple won’t be using the technology for the iPhone 8. Kuo also thinks the S9 will have an upgraded iris scanner and an improved dual camera setup, which will be enough to attract consumers, letting Samsung keep the under-display fingerprint sensor as a highlight for the Galaxy Note 9 (or whatever the 2018 Galaxy Note flagship will be called).

Considering this is just a prediction, there is no telling when Samsung will get rid of its poorly placed rear fingerprint sensor. Hopefully, the Galaxy S9 will have the fingerprint sensor below the camera, so that it’s easier to reach. There’s no guarantee, however, and the Korean giant might just tout the S9’s high number of security features, like it did with the Galaxy S8, to address complaints about the fingerprint sensor’s placement.

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