Buy one Galaxy Note 8 and get the other for free from T-Mobile

We reported last week that T-Mobile was possibly going to launch a Galaxy Note 8 BOGO deal in the near future. The carrier has now announced its buy one, get one free deal for Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.

T-Mobile customers will have to pre-order two Galaxy Note 8 units from T-Mobile on its equipment installment plan. They will have to pay a $210 deposit for each device so that’s $420 upfront. They then have to sign up for a new line of service which will be activated on the second device.

Only then will the customers be qualified to receive a rebate for the second device. This means that they will have to pay for the device but will receive a card later that will refund the entire amount.

The monthly payment for each Galaxy Note 8 is $30 and is owed to T-Mobile for 24 months. Customers will be billed the full price of the second device if they opt for early cancellation. They’ll receive a $930 prepaid MasterCard within 6-8 weeks to cover the cost of the second device.

Customers who pre-ordered their Galaxy Note 8 between August 23 to August 31 quality for this promotion as well. All pre-order customers will receive a free Gear 360 (2017) camera.

Don’t forget to read the full terms and conditions on T-Mobile’s website before you decide to opt for this promotion.


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