T-Mobile to launch Galaxy Note 8 BOGO deal tomorrow

T-Mobile has offered Buy One Get One Free deal on the Galaxy S8 multiple times over the past few months. Deals like this give customers an incentive to purchase the new flagship smartphone from the carrier. It may soon offer a similar deal for the Galaxy Note 8.

According to a new report, T-Mobile is going to launch its Buy One Get One Free deal for the Galaxy Note 8 starting tomorrow, September 1st. The deal will only be available for a limited time. Customers on its T-Mobile One and Simple Choice Unlimited plans will be able to take advantage of this deal.

The deal will enable customers to buy a Galaxy Note 8 on T-Mobile’s equipment installment plan and add a line with a second Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ on EIP.

Once both phones have been bought, customers need to visit T-Mobile’s Promotions Center and enter a promo code. They will then receive a prepaid Mastercard which covers the cost of their second device.

The report mentions that this deal is retroactive for pre-orders. This means that customers who have already pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 8 on EIP can take advantage of this deal as well when it goes live.


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