PSA: You can keep your free Gear VR if you return the Galaxy S8 because of a manufacturing defect

According to the folks over at PhoneArena, customers in possession of a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ with a manufacturing defect seeking a full refund can keep the complimentary Gear VR headset they received when they pre-ordered their device.

The information came to light earlier today when a Galaxy S8 owner reportedly contacted Samsung requesting a refund when he found that the update that started making the rounds recently didn’t resolve the frustrating ‘red tint issue‘ on his handset.

Up until now, customers who wanted to return their device were out of luck, but it’s believed the firm has changed its official refund policy to accommodate the bevy of people asking for their money back.


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4 months 22 days ago

It’s because of health and safety as they are used. Companies prefer to ignore headphones and other accessories like Vr headsets which observes lot of sweat.