Galaxy Tab S3 specs and price revealed in new report

A new report out of Korea today “confirms” that the Galaxy Tab S3 is going to be unveiled by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2017 late next month. The report also shares the specs and price of Samsung’s upcoming flagship Android tablet. This tablet is the successor to the Galaxy Tab S2 that Samsung first released in Korea back in August 2015. It’s likely going to be the only flagship product from Samsung at MWC 2017 given that it has already confirmed that the Galaxy S8 won’t be launched at this event.

According to the report, the 9.6-inch Galaxy Tab S3 features a 2048×1536 pixel resolution display with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor under the hood coupled with 4GB of RAM. It’s said to be available in both LTE and Wi-Fi only models with a 12-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front camera. Android 7.0 Nougat will come pre-installed. The Galaxy Tab S3 is also said to be thinner than its predecessor.

The tablet has already received all of the relevant certifications, it was recently spotted going through the FCC as well. Samsung is reportedly going to release the Galaxy Tab S3 in South Korea at some point in March, prices are said to start at around 700,000 won ($600).


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19 days 17 hours ago

Please Sammy, ok for Galaxy Tab S3, but…. with spen!! A lot of us are waiting for a new range of galaxy note (10.1 or pro 12.2) with ufs 2.1 memory for more responsiveness… and a lot more space to work ! Why is there not another reliable manufacturer to offer a premium tablet with great stylus on android…?

20 days 5 hours ago

Hoping for the s pen s pen s pen s pen

Juan Lorenzo
20 days 14 hours ago

I get the point both of you are making. But I am dassapointed in these specs. I have a the original tab s, and for this pass couple of years I’ve been looking for another tablet that has great specs. With a tablet you have a lot more space to work with then a smartphone. So yo be honest the reason I haven’t bought another tablet is because specs are lacking. Chinese market have phones with 8gb of ram already. A tablet really benefits from that much ram. But we still stock on 4. I think that’s why people don’t buy tablets at all, they don’t keep up with specs of smartphones wish are a lot smaller.

20 days 14 hours ago

Give me a 12 inch NOTE or Tablet please.
For this reason I am on the verge of buying Chuwi Hi12 Duo Tablet.

20 days 17 hours ago

I spent almost a month looking for a suitable tablet to watch Netflix offline. I almost got the Asus Zenpad S but it was out of stock then I thought of the ipad mini 2 (I have the ipad mini) and the tab S 2 (still too expensive here in UK) so I ordered the tab S 8.4 for £170 (used but almost new), it just arrived this morning and just by looking at the screen I’m already in love with it.
I don’t understand why Samsung would release the tab S2 and now the S3 with a lower screen resolution.

20 days 14 hours ago

I know, right! its just a shame that the Tab S doesn’t natively support ANY 4K media. nice to play YouTube in the screens full resolution but any 4K downloads or streams don’t play

20 days 21 hours ago

I’ve got the original Tab S and I won’t be buying another tablet until they FINALLY apply themes which was also missing on the S2 :(

20 days 22 hours ago

That’s a joke right? Apart from Nougat, and the fingerprint scanner, what’s the real upgrade against the original Tab S?
I was expecting an Iris scanner, an upgraded screen resolution and display (HDR like the Note7 at least!), was even expecting a slightly curved display with an always on display so it can act like a stand to show your favourite pics or calendar info etc.
Samsung have such amazing features they could implement on a proper next generation tablet that blows away the competition, reinvent the tablet! but they’re just… not.

Someone Else
20 days 19 hours ago

That’s a joke right? Did you not notice the SD 820, the 12 MP rear camera, the 5MP front camera, the 4 GB of RAM, and the reduced thickness of the Tab S3 from the Tab S from this one article ALONE.

This is a Galaxy S7 edge specs we talking about here!!

20 days 16 hours ago

Tablets are supposed to get bigger and better, there is no innovation here with those specs. they even got rid of the flash on the Tab S2. It’s not even the latest SnapDragon 821, 4GBs RAM, my Tab S has perfect RAM management and can keep apps open for, no exaggeration here, days at a time if I want it to. What’s better about this if it has the same poor RAM management of last years phones. They have spent so long working on this, why is bad that I expect it to be amazing, and not just an iteration with improved SoC. As for the camera, I really cannot see why people would need to take a picture with such a giant device – comparing it to normal phones and cameras. and speaking of S7 edge, did I not just mention that phones features?! the curved display? the AOD? the higher screen resolution? you disagreed with me only to point out my point, lol

Someone Else
20 days 16 hours ago


A curved display for a tablet. That’s a joke right?

SD 821 would be just a little bit better than the SD 820.

Based on the latest leak from GSMArena, the Tab S3 will have a flash

How can you know the Tab S3 would not get the Always On Display, huh?

Yeah, the non higher resolution display is a bummer.

You just said that your Tab S have perfect RAM management, and then accused the yet-to-be-announced Tab S3 to have poor RAM managements. Can you confirm this? No.

What’s wrong with having a good camera on a tablet? You wanted the Tab S3 to be better than the Tab S but then you proceed to complain about the upgraded camera. Lol

You asked “what’s the real upgrade against the original Tab S?” Then I answered it is the SD 820, the 12/5 mp camera, the extra 1 GB of RAM. I answered your question correctly based on the article above alone. And you seem pretty upset about it and said that I disagreed with you. Lol

20 days 15 hours ago

why is a curved display a joke? I don’t meant curved as in the edge like display, I mean curved as in a curved TV, so it can stand upright on its own too.
I’m asking for all this, and hoping there’s more to it than specs.
the Tab S3 to have may well have an AOD. I never said it didn’t. And again, I said the poor RAM management based off YOUR comparative to the S7 edge which many complained the SD 820 had poor RAM management. and as I said, a tablet upgrade needs to be bigger than what you expect on a phone. the extra 1GB RAM is good but for the $600 price tag?!
what you are doing is completely missing my point. Vast majority of people do not buy a new tablet every year. a bump in performance doesn’t convince me to pay $600 for it.
and after all this, I’ll be upset if that really is all the features of the Tab S3, as I said, they’ve been working ages on it, I expect more, and hopefully they’ll deliver.
the Tab S3 to the Tab S (and S2) should be what the Gear S2 was to the Gear S.

Someone Else
20 days 15 hours ago

I think the main reason Samsung isn’t going all out on the Tab S3 is because people hardly buy tablets anymore. The tablet market is shrinking especially Androids tablets. Even Apple’s iPad have drop in sales. So, if I was to produce a product that is having a decline in sales and revenue, I would obviously play safe and get the best hardware for the perfect price so that I wouldnt lose too much money. For me, Samsung is just testing the waters with the Tab S3. Even though I personally think that the Tab S3 is a worthy upgrade from the Tab S/S2 solely based on the leaks, but for a person like YOU who wanted something better, I guess you should hold out a little bit until the tablet market is stabilize. Maybe then you would find a tablet from Samsung (for what ever purpose you need an Android tablet in the first place) that fulfill your expectation. But until then, this is what we got.

20 days 9 hours ago

“I think the main reason Samsung isn’t going all out on the Tab S3 is because people hardly buy tablets anymore….” then don’t release any new one with no real improvement. You can bet the 12MP of the camera though welcomed it won’t be any way near the quality of the S7 and the performance with the 820 snapdragon is going to be welcomed too but also ok. Now, if together with all that Samsung increased the screen resolution to the level of the original Tab S and the pixel density a little bit over 359ppi that would be another story.

20 days 2 hours ago

Plus fast charging I forgot this one