Samsung trademarks ‘Bixby Vision’ for a feature built into its upcoming AI assistant

Last week, we exclusively revealed that Samsung’s long-rumored AI assistant Bixby will communicate with the front- and rear-facing cameras on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus to enable users to conduct a visual search — and now the company has filed a trademark for the moniker Bixby Vision in Europe, which will — presumably — be the name used to describe the feature when it makes its debut later this year.

If recent reports are anything to go by, it certainly looks like Bixby is destined to be an AI assistant that’s second-to-none. Not only will it be able to process payments, but it’ll also have the required permissions to control native applications on the handsets it’s pre-loaded on. By far the most impressive aspect of the platform is Samsung’s focus to integrate it with all forms of technology, including refrigerators and washing machines.



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Not interested in bixby, cortana , siri or any assistant. The paperclip from microsoft was a pain in butt too.
I too will wait for Note 8, and hope there are no assistants in sight.


I just wish it would come with an S pen or S pen support. It’s so hard to have to wait until the latter part of the year for the Note 8


Bixby is one of the things I’m most hyped about on the S8. I hope it will be as advanced as it looks like from these leaks!