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Fox launches ‘The Raid’ as exclusive VR content for the Gear VR

24: Legacy is a new American television series produced for the Fox network. It’s a spin-off of the infamous 24 series that many of you would already know about. Ahead of the spin-off’s launch, Samsung and Fox have teamed up to launch an exclusive virtual reality experience called “The Raid” for the Gear VR. The Raid is basically a VR prequel to the 24: Legacy series premiere episode.

Fans of the original show will be introduced to the new cast and storyline in this six-minute VR experience powered by the Gear VR headset with a supported smartphone like the Galaxy S7. Viewers are promised full immersion in a series like they’ve never experienced before. The Raid VR prequel is produced by 24: Legacy executive producer Howard Gordon in collaboration with Here Be Dragons. It’s available exclusively through the Samsung VR content service. The Raid will transport viewers to Yemen in the midst of an action-packed raid led byLieutenant Eric Carter, played by actor Corey Hawkins.

Click on the source link below to head over to Samsung VR if you want to view this Gear VR exclusive.

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