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Samsung capping Galaxy Note 7 battery at 15 percent in Korea

Over the past few months, Samsung has sent out updates for the Galaxy Note 7 that cap the battery charge in order to nudge owners to return their units. It has also been rolling out the final Galaxy Note 7 update in several markets including the United States, this particular update basically bricks the device remotely. The return percentage had been low in South Korea compared to other markets which is why Samsung has had to hold off on tougher measures but with the company having received 94 percent of all units sold in South Korea, it’s now pushing ahead with this update.

Samsung has said that it’s going to release a new update for the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea next week. The update is going to cap the battery at 15 percent. It would be an absolute nuisance to get any proper use out of a device that can’t charge itself beyond 15 percent and Samsung would certainly be hoping that this finally compels the holdouts to return their units.

As for what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to catch fire, Samsung confirmed during its Consumer Electronics Show 2017 press conference yesterday that the root cause report will be shared with the public “very soon.”


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man, my heart sank when this Note 7 issue started. I loved my Niote 4 and it did everything super smooth for me for over 2 yrs. Now that it’s dying, im up for an upgrade and the Note 7 was it 100% sure of it. Not anymore 🙁 lightspeed11 sigh’s… I got myself the S7 Edge. Got a slightly smaller screen than what i’ve grown used to but it’ll have to make do til the Note 8 comes around. Samsung better make the Note 8 a winner, like put all the smart brains on that one phone to win… Read more »