Samsung might remotely disable the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea soon

Samsung’s exchange and refund program for the Galaxy Note 7 has progressed well in most markets where the return percentage has crossed 90 percent. However, it’s a different story in the company’s own backyard. Customers have been slow to return the fire-prone flagship in South Korea with a recent report suggesting that more than 140,000 units were still being used in the country. Samsung has been taken measures in markets like Europe and the United States to push customers to return their units. Battery charge has been limited to 30 percent in Europe while the Galaxy Note 7 is being remotely disabled via an update in the United States.

While it was reported last week that Samsung might not release the same update in South Korea fearing backlash from customers, the company has said today that it’s going to release a software update for the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea soon that’s going to prevent the device from charging. “Samsung is considering to push the software update to the Note 7 in Korea that can limit the battery charge of the device as the exchange rate has exceeded 90 percent here,” a spokesperson for Samsung said.

The company has reportedly made the decision to send the final Galaxy Note 7 update with the country’s largest mobile carrier SK Telecom and other carriers like LG Uplus and KT are expected to follow suit. Samsung is also going to extend the exchange program for the ill-fated flagship until the end of January as there are quite a few people who are holding on to their units.

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