Themes Thursday: Three best themes from this week

We’re back with this week’s Themes Thursday! We’re just days away from Christmas and new year’s eve, and we suggested some brilliant Christmas-related theme packs last week. This week, we’ve shortlisted three new paid themes, and we think that you should check them out.

The Alpaca and the Outline Light themes look good, and they have minimalistic designs. The Fantasy Technology (Live) is quite brilliant, and it looks futuristic, thanks to all those tron-esque neon borders. Moreover, plenty of new year theme packs have been released this week in the Theme Store. Which theme did you like from this week?

Alpaca | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Alpaca

Fantasy Technology (Live) | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Fantasy Technology (Live)

Outline Light | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Outline Light

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