Samsung reportedly developing two totally different foldable smartphones

It has long been rumored that Samsung is working on foldable smartphones. Recent rumors suggest that the company might launch one next year. The latest from Korea suggests that Samsung is actually developing two totally different foldable smartphones as it’s pursuing a “two-track strategy” for these devices.

It’s claimed that Samsung is developing a “dual-screen” smartphone that features a flat display on either side and a foldable smartphone that features a single flexible OLED display. Samsung is said to launch the dual-screen handset first and it’s only after it sees the market response that it’s going to decide whether or not the proper foldable smartphone will be released.

The dual-screen smartphone is basically going to be the Project Valley device that we exclusively told you about. Even though the panel itself doesn’t have a bend, the device is said to feature a hinge in the middle with a flat display on either side. It won’t have a separate display when it’s folded.

Remember the Galaxy Round? Samsung tested the waters with that handset for curved displays and perfected the idea with the Galaxy S6 series. It’s believed that the dual-screen smartphone will do the same for Samsung’s foldable smartphone ambitions. Samsung’s truly foldable smartphone will likely feature a flexible OLED display that the company makes itself.

Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed anything related to foldable smartphones at this point in time so take this information with a grain of salt until there’s more to go on.

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