Samsung has replaced more than 85 percent of all recalled Galaxy Note 7s in South Korea

It’s been revealed today that Samsung has replaced a little more than 85 percent of all original Galaxy Note 7s sold in South Korea prior to the firms launch of its voluntary recall program on Monday, September 19.

The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards believes that a total of 389,000 units of the the 456,000 Galaxy Note 7s that were manufactured between July 30 and September 2 have been retrieved and replaced by Samsung.

More specifically, 325,000 of the devices were replaced with new ones and 21,000 customers were provided with full refunds. It’s thought that the majority of these consumers took their custom to Apple and picked up iPhone 7.

“Still, some 70,000 units of the Galaxy Note 7 are being in use,” the agency said. “We demanded Samsung Electronics speed up the process of recalling the devices while we ask consumers to cooperate in returning the smartphones.”

Unfortunately, the replacement units Samsung is dishing out appear to be just as dangerous as their predecessors. Especially in Korea too, where there have been more than two reports of alleged ‘safe’ units bursting into flames and emitting smoke.

Samsung is currently investigating the reports and recently paused the supply of new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the United States.


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