New patent hints at ongoing development of Samsung’s foldable smartphone

We exclusively revealed back in May last year that Samsung is working on a dual screen, possibly foldable smartphone codenamed Project Valley. Since then there have been reports that Samsung will launch this device in the coming year. We’ve also seen patents which show that Samsung has been working on technology for its foldable smartphone. A fresh patent has popped up which shows that the company continues to work on technology for the foldable smartphone, thus adding fuel to the rumors that it will indeed release a foldable smartphone in 2017.

The patent details that this smartphone of the future will fold in half and reveal a port connector which will be used for charging when the device is folded. It also mentions that this smartphone design will feature either a fingerprint sensor or an iris scanner, Samsung is expected to introduce iris scanners to its smartphones with the Galaxy Note 6. Samsung filed for this patent in November last year though it merits mentioning here that it is the U.S. version of a similar Korean patent that the company filed for in 2014.



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