Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Ringke Signature case review

After taking a few regular back cases for the Galaxy S7 edge for a spin, we decided to take a look at one of those so-called wallet cases. The Signature case from Ringke is made of “rich, premium leather” and is actually two different cases – a regular TPU back case is stuck inside the folding outer body. Compared to the leather outer cover, the TPU case inside is as generic as it gets. You get document and card holders on the left flap, which are basically what make this a wallet case.

The leather on this case is of sufficiently high quality and has a smooth texture. The case can stand up in portrait mode when the phone is inside – it doesn’t do so in landscape mode, making the feature mostly useless. In fact, the entire case is somewhat of a poor proposition. The outer flap doesn’t stay closed if you leave the device lying on a desk, and the cutouts for cards inside leave a mark on the display when the case is shut tight (basically, when it is in your pocket). Also, this thing catches marks and scuffs easily – that’s to be expected from leather, though, as Ringke itself notes in the case’s manual.


The TPU case on the inside comes with flaps for the headphone and microUSB ports. These are completely unnecessary – it is hard to pry them open and keep them that way while you’re trying to put a cable in, and since the S7 edge is water and dust resistant, the case could have done with leaving the ports open. Also, I’m not sure how well the TPU case is attached to the leather body, which means there’s no telling how long-lasting it will be. The volume and power buttons are easy to press, so that’s one good thing about the inner case.

Overall, the Ringke Signature case is a nice option if you really want to put your phone along with your credit (and business) cards, but otherwise, the case has a long list of issues that prevents us from giving it a thumbs up. The quality is high (at least on the outer body), but practically this case is far from the best third-party case you will find for the Galaxy S7 edge.

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