Galaxy S7 edge Olixar Rugged and Olixar Shield case review

We have been taking a few Galaxy S7 edge cases for a spin, and the latest cases we tested are the Olixar Shield and Olixar Rugged. Both are full-fledged cases that nicely wrap around Samsung’s edgy beauty and are stronger than the cases we have reviewed up until now. How do they work in real life? Well, let’s not waste any time and go straight to the review.

Olixar Rugged

There are regular cases, and then there are those that add considerable heft to your phone. The rugged case from Olixar is one such case. Compared to the Evutec and Spigen cases that we reviewed earlier, this one is rather hard to get the S7 edge into – you will be fiddling a bit with either the top or bottom depending on how you put your phone inside. Thankfully, getting the phone back out isn’t too hard. Once you have managed to put the case on, it covers the phone pretty well from every side.


You get big and thick silver-colored volume and power buttons that respond pretty well when you press them, though they do look a tad ugly at times and are somewhat loose. The back of the case is soft rubber that feels nice in the hand. In terms of grip, it can prove to be a bit slippery. But then again, it’s better than the back of the phone itself, which can be extremely soft and slippery at times.

The slots for the ports and sensors are huge, and as a result putting in or removing a USB or headphone cable is quick and easy. When it comes to getting your phone out of the pocket, the case offers no resistance and comes out without any struggle. Overall, the Olixar rugged case offers great protection and feels nice in the hand. The volume and power buttons are the only points of contention here, as they look rather cheap compared to the rest of the case.


Olixar Shield

The Olixar Shield case is a slightly thinner version of the rugged case from the company, with a polycarbonate backside. Small rubber pads jut out of holes at either side on the back, making for a funky look that you may or may not like. The polycarbonate material gives you a good grip, and slipping the case on and off the phone doesn’t pose a problem. You get a satisfying click when you put the phone inside the case, and it fits in rather well.

Both the Shield and Rugged cases from Olixar cover a major portion of the front and sides of the device, with easy access to the microUSB and headphone ports. Where they differ is the tactility of the volume and power buttons. The buttons are colored the same as the case itself on the Shield – they look good, but getting them to work can require a bit of pressure. That’s never a good thing, and it’s where the rugged case proves to be better despite having less visually appealing buttons.


Overall, the Rugged and Shield cases from Olixar are nice if you want high-end protection for your Galaxy S7 edge. Some ugly buttons and the somewhat slippery nature of the Rugged case aside, the $15.49 price tag for both cases makes them good options. There are even better cases out there though, and we shall be testing them out in the coming days.

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Disclaimer: Mobile Fun is our exclusive accessory partner for Samsung devices and supplied us with a review unit. The partnership with the retailer in no way affects our thoughts on the product reviewed above; our opinions are completely our own.

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