Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Spigen Thin Fit Case review

In the world of smartphone accessories, Spigen needs no introduction. Spigen has long been a popular choice for smartphone cases, with the company offering multiple choices for every device. From thick armor cases to slimmer options, Spigen makes them all. For the Galaxy S7 edge, Spigen has more than 10 different cases available, and we decided to take the Spigen Thin Fit case for a spin.

Unlike regular cases, the Thin Fit case only just manages to cover all the important parts of the device. It’s not 100 percent coverage – the volume and power buttons aren’t covered by the case, and you also have cutouts at each of the phone’s four corners. Right off the bat, this suggests the case isn’t made to offer the same level of protection that regular cases provide, especially the armor versions.


But that’s exactly the point of the Thin Fit case – protect your device against bumps and scratches, but also look and feel good in the process. To achieve the latter, the protection aspect has to be dialed back a bit. What does it mean? Well, the case might not be extremely useful if you drop your Galaxy S7 edge, but regular bumps and scratches should steer clear of your phone. Ergonomics also get improved – the back is made of high-quality soft-touch plastic that sticks to your hand and feels great.


Naturally, it’s not the same as the feel of the phone’s glass back, but if that was your main concern you probably wouldn’t be putting your S7 edge in a case in the first place. The thin nature of the case also means that inserting cables into the device and taking them out is never a problem, and you don’t really need to make any extra space inside your pockets.

I personally feel the Thin Fit case from Spigen is how cases should be – slim and nice to the touch without leaving your device vulnerable to damage. The only bad thing about this case is the presence of the words “AUTO FOCUS” below the camera cutout. It’s totally unnecessary and mars what is otherwise an attractive design.

For those that want more protection, there are other cases that fit the bill – the Evutec SI Lite case is one such option, and we will be reviewing more of them in the coming days. For now, head over to Mobile Fun if the Spigen Thin Fit case catches your fancy. It’s priced at $18.99 and can be purchased in black, mint and gunmetal colors.

Disclaimer: Mobile Fun is our exclusive accessory partner for Samsung devices and supplied us with a review unit. The partnership with the retailer in no way affects our thoughts on the product reviewed above; our opinions are completely our own.

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