Samsung Gear S2 Band Adapter coming soon, images leak

Has your Gear S2 rubber wristband started showing signs of wear and tear? Fastening the rubber wristband to put your watch on and then taking it off each day can cause the rubber band to eventually come apart. While Samsung is replacing rubber wristbands for its latest smartwatch for customers, a sports band is a sports band. You’ll still end up with a rubber sports band if Samsung replaces it, but those who are willing to wait a little longer may be able to give their Gear S2 a more personal touch.

New images from Tizen Cafe and XDA, seen below, show a device soon to arrive to market. Called the Samsung Gear S2 Band Adapter, the device is said to allow even Gear S2 sport users the ability to swap out their current rubber wristband with the wristband of their choice. If you’ve been dying to transform your non-Classic Gear S2 model by giving it a look that is rugged for some occasions and formal and elegant for others, or rather, a watch for all occasions, the Korean giant is soon to make your wrist dreams come true.

XDA member trinhhongha90 said that he’s been able to confirm the Gear S2 Band Adapter works by pairing his Classic Gear S2 band with his original Gear S2 watch display. You can always use the new adapter and Samsung’s hypo-allergenic Ceramic Bracelet to pair with the original, non-Classic Gear S2 when the new wristband adapter arrives. Gear S2 Classic fans believe that the Gear S2 Classic 3G model gives you the best of everything, anyway, but at least the new adapter will prevent non-Classic owners from constant fashion dilemmas (“decisions, decisions”) while allowing consumers to save a little money and buy the $299 non-Classic model instead of the $349 Classic model.

The Gear S2 Band Adapter hasn’t yet made it to market, but we believe it’s coming soon. It may arrive soon after Verizon USA Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 edge pre-order customers get their free Gear S2 smartwatches.

Gear S2 owners, prepare to mix and match at your own pleasure.

Gear S2 Band Adapter

Gear S2 non classic with leather

Gear S2 Band Adapter packaging

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