Over 3 million Tizen smartphones were reportedly sold last year

Samsung doesn’t have as many Tizen-powered smartphones and the ones that it has released up till now have been primarily focused towards the low-end of the market. The idea was to provide a smartphone to customers who may not be willing to spend too much on a mobile phone and if a latest report is to be believed the strategy just might be starting to pay off for Samsung.

Strategy Analytics claims that Samsung sold more than 3 million Tizen-powered smartphones in 2015. That’s a considerable achievement considering that Tizen is a nascent platform and Samsung is the company that currently sells handsets powered by it. Tizen is now the fourth largest mobile OS in the world. Bangladesh, Nepal and India accounted for the bulk of the sales. Samsung will soon be launching its Tizen-powered smartphones in Russia to capture further market share from Android which is as yet unchallenged in the low-end of the market.



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Who cares? Samsung Wave with bada OS sold 10 million and it cost five times more than this thing when launched. And Samsung still neglected it even though that time they had a much better chance of gaining some momentum with the OS than now with Tizen. Never buy into a non-mainstream OS.


I am growing tired of android at of material design, I would welcome an alternative


Tizen’s UI is rather outdated and unimpressive even for a new OS, so it’s not exactly the best alternative for Material Design. Samsung is far from the manufacturer to be keeping things interesting on the software design front, there’s a reason why TouchWiz took so long to become modern.