Samsung might launch a phone upgrade program with the Galaxy S7

A new report out of Korea claims that Samsung is going to launch a phone upgrade program with the Galaxy S7 in March. It’s said that this phone upgrade program will be similar to the one Apple launched last year. The company may announce the program next month at its Mobile World Congress 2016 event, apparently Samsung will offer the program in South Korea initially before expanding it to other important markets like the United States. It was reported late last year that the company might soon start leasing its Galaxy smartphones and even at that time it was presumed that the program will just be limited to its flagship handsets.

Apple’s upgrade program covers its current flagship smartphones and offers the base iPhone 6s model for 24 equal monthly payments of $32.41, not only do customers purchase the handset directly from Apple but they also get unlocked units which give them the freedom to choose their carrier, and they also get the option to upgrade to a new iPhone after 12 months. That means by the time the next iPhone is released customers are eligible to upgrade to the new handset. Samsung’s phone upgrade plan is said to be similar so it will allow customers to purchase its flagships on low equal monthly payments with the promise of upgrade eligibility when the new flagship comes out the following year. There’s no indication as yet from Samsung to hint that it’s going to launch a phone upgrade program, it can’t be said for sure right now if it will or won’t make this announcement come MWC 2016.


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1 year 2 months ago

The Galaxy Upgrade Program is a must. Here’s why.

1. Customers can get a new Galaxy every year. You don’t have to wait for your carrier contract to end.
2. Customers can choose your carrier because they aren’t tied to a single one and a multi year service contract.
A. The unlocked variants will have the CSC code XAR, just like Samsung did with Wi-Fi only devices in the United States. A possible model number would be SM-G930FZKAXAR (Galaxy S7, unlocked, USA), and a possible build number would be MMB29K.G930FUEU1APB3 (the “UE” after the “G930F” is for the US/Canada region, just like with all Galaxy Tabs released in the North American region. No more firmware modifications, just one firmware for all unlocked devices!).
(UC = AT&T, UV = T-Mobile, VP = Sprint, VR = Verizon, UE = Unlocked (USA), VL = Canada)
B. All system languages will be available, without any carrier restrictions. (You should go to a Samsung Experience Shop in Best Buy and open the language settings for the Galaxy Tab S2, where you will see a wider variety of languages.)
C. In addition, no more bloatware. Users can safely remove them without rooting their devices.
D. If possible, there could be 100GB of OneDrive space for 2 years for ALL unlocked devices. Even AT&T and Verizon get to participate! Smart Manager and Microsoft Office apps will also be included.
3. Low monthly payments. With the Galaxy Upgrade Program, the user can spread the cost over 24 months, with the option to get a new device after 12 payments.
4. Software updates for the entire set of unlocked devices in the USA. Just like with other countries, the unlocked devices in the entire USA region will get the update simultaneously. They don’t have to wait for their carriers to release them.
(Still, the update will be rolled in stages. Not all will receive it at once.)
5. Last but not least, Galaxy Beta Programs. All unlocked devices will be able to participate in the Galaxy Beta Program, even with an AT&T or Verizon SIM card inside. (The Beta has been announced in the UK, but a USA launch is only a mystery.)

Total Faith
1 year 2 months ago

This would 100% increase the sales from Samsung flagships. Samsung, do it!

1 year 2 months ago

I prefer to keep my old phone in case the new one has a glitch. I assume the upgrade plan would require me to return my old phone which Samsung (or probably the carrier) would be able to resell.
If you wait a few months after initial release prices come down and you can get the phone for about $24/mo ($569/24mon).

1 year 3 months ago

Oh man it would be awesome if I could trade in my s6 for a s7

1 year 3 months ago

I don’t need such upgrade. One-time full retail price payment is enough for me. If I’m not buoyant for the next flagship I wait for the successor.

1 year 3 months ago

These are the things Samsung should copy from Apple not useless pressure sensitive screen, live photos or the removal of features that makes it strong. If you are going to copy from your rivals, you copy their good and strong features or strategies without giving up your own strengths. It seems to be that some at Samsung’s mobile division have stopped drinking too much apple wine and are coming to senses this year (hope so).

1 year 3 months ago

I think it is shocking that Samsung had to copy Apple once again and then even have the audacity to travel back in time and offer upgrade programs back in 2012!!!!