Samsung ranks ninth on list of global Internet of Things companies

Over the past year or so Samsung has got really serious about Internet of Things, not only did it purchase SmartThings, it also brought in a former Google executive to lead its IoT efforts. Earlier this year the company also released its IoT platform called Artik and refreshed the SmartThings product lineup and a fortnight ago it confirmed that its CES 2016 keynote will be about its plans for Internet of Things. Despite all that Samsung has figured only ninth on the list of global IoT companies compiled by market research firm IoT Analytics.

IoT analytics evaluates companies on three different dimensions which include how often the company is mentioned online and how often it’s tagged in LinkedIn. Highest scoring company in each dimension gets a rating out of 100% and all other companies get a lower percentage in linear relation to the score of the company at the top of this list. Intel came in first place with 71% with IBM and Microsoft coming in second and third with 67% and 56% respectively. Samsung is all the way down in ninth with 28% with Oracle rounding up the top ten also with 28%. Samsung is the only non-American company that ranks in the top ten, at least it’s got that going for itself.


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You guys seriously need to use lists. How can you list stuff in a paragraph?